Slack Integration


With corporate landscapes constantly evolving, businesses rely on IT for nearly all their operations. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer provides a well-rounded analysis of your network traffic and bandwidth usage for greater visibility, faster troubleshooting, increased efficiency.

Slack-NetFlow Analyzer integration

NetFlow Analyzer now integrates with Slack, enabling teams to discuss issues in the network through a more competent and convenient platform. Here’s how this out-of-the-box integration helps admins:

Get instant, easy-to-organize notifications

The entire team can view alerts received from NetFlow Analyzer. The alerts and messages can be categorized and customized for easy understanding, and assigned to any channel or member based on their severity, function, or any other criteria.

Improve team communication

Thanks to the visibility it offers, Slack makes collaborating with your team a breeze—receive alerts simultaneously, and identify network bottlenecks and mitigate them through discussion, all from within a single tool.

Resolve issues faster

The time saved navigating between tools helps reduce response time, which in turn reduces email alert overload. This not only ensures that the alerts are handled in a timely manner but also helps troubleshoot issues faster.

Add to Slack

Integrate with Slack in three simple steps

  • 1

    Log in to NetFlow Analyzer and select Slack under Settings > General Settings > Third-Party Integrations.

  • 2

    Click Get Auth-Code from Slack, and allow NetFlow Analyzer to access your Slack profile.

  • 3

    Now copy the generated Auth code, paste it in NetFlow Analyzer, and click Save.

Get Slack notifications

In the NetFlow Analyzer console, navigate to Settings > Netflow >Notifications Templates and click Add in the upper-right. Select Chat to configure your custom notifications. Notification profiles can be configured solely to monitor all device categories, or categorized and configured to be sent to any designated channel or member.

NetFlow Analyzer-Slack integration offers a common platform where data can be shared and discussed, enabling your team to coordinate efficiently to manage network traffic. It helps you stay on top of what's happening in your network at all times, aids in making quicker decisions, and acts as a comprehensive communication platform for your team.

To learn more, request an exclusive, personalized demo. If you haven’t downloaded NetFlow Analyzer yet, get started with a free, 30-day trial. Know more about how to integrate Slack with NetFlow Analyzer.