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Account lockout examiner for Windows Active Directory.

Check the status of account lockouts and track their sources with a tool to examine locked out Active Directory (AD) user accounts. 

AD account lockout troubleshooting made easy.

Receive account lockout notifications.

Detect AD user account lockouts in real time with email and SMS alerts, reducing the time employees are locked out of their accounts.

Find the account lockout source.

Monitor mobile phone logins, RDP sessions, services, scheduled tasks, and more for stale credentials, and identify the source of account lockouts.

Check the account lockout status.

View reports on the status of every locked out account, the time at which the lockout occurred, and more with the account lockout examiner.

Examine account lockouts with UBA.

Identify negligent users, and even potential malicious insiders, by tracking abnormal lockout activities with user behavior analytics (UBA).

The edge you need to resolve account lockouts faster.

Improve help desk efficiency.

View reports with all the information required by help desk personnel to resolve account lockout issues faster and minimize service downtime.

Mitigate disruption of workflows.

Ensure top-level decision makers aren't locked out of their accounts for long by executing instant, tailor-made responses to lockouts.

Ensure compliance with ease.

Comply with GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI DSS, and GLBA regulations by ensuring that your AD lockout policy is enforced properly.

Enable efficient root cause analysis.

Maintain a clear audit trail of password resets, password changes, and account lockout sources to streamline forensic analysis of security incidents.

Troubleshoot Active Directory user account lockouts faster.

Quickly trace the source of every account lockout with ADAudit Plus' account lockout examiner.

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    Top locked-out user accounts

    Get a summary of users who were locked out of their account for the most number of times within a specified period.

    account lockout examiner

    Get notified on the go -Set up instant email or SMS alerts to notify the sysadmin or the affected user when critical AD accounts get locked out, even during non-business hours.
    Preconfigure your responses - Use automated responses to execute scripts tailored to your organizations' needs, i.e., unlock user accounts, disconnect users from the network, and more.

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    Correlated views

    Correlate account lockouts with recent logon information, to quickly get to the reason an account was locked out.

    account lockout status

    Analyze recently locked out accounts. - Find recently locked out user accounts and their relevant details including when, from where, and by whom with ADAudit Plus' AD lockout tool.

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    Examine account lockouts

    Find the source of an account lockout from an extensive list of Windows components.

    troubleshoot account lockout

    1. Conduct root cause analysis - Identify the primary source of continuous AD account lockouts by analyzing multiple components, including network drive mappings, process lists, applications, and more.
    2. Gain contextual information - Obtain more perspective into locked out user accounts by analyzing recent logon details.
    3. Locate the source of cached credentials -Ensure that the cause of repeated account lockouts is not due to outdated credentials during OWA/ActiveSync pairing in Exchange or failed RADIUS authentication.

Detect the source of account lockouts from an extensive
list of Windows components.

Track account lockouts easily with ADAudit Plus' AD account lockout examiner.

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