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Aggregated Summary Reports for Windows Active Directory

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus provides a wide variety of predefined summary reports that aggregate data across the Windows Active Directory environment and provides a centralized overview. This is in addition to the 200+ predefined reports; now Windows server administrators can view the change summary of every activity in Windows Active Directory and in a click drill-down for an in-depth analysis for a periodic network security analysis & to meet the various Compliance regulations.

Change Summary with In-a-Click Pinpoint Ability

The reports provide a drill-down functionality, wherein by clicking a report, the administrator will be shown a detailed report with the corresponding filtered audit data. Example: When the GPO Management report is clicked, details w.r.t the GPOs created, deleted, modified & GPO link changes will be displayed for the period (yesterday, last 7 days, last week, this month, last month, this year and last year) selected.

The aggregated summary reports are categorized under Account Management & Logon Events.


Account Management

The drill-downable aggregate summary reports under Account Management consists of every Active Directory objects: Users, Groups, Computers, Groups, GPOs, OUs, DNS, Containers & Contacts change history of 'who' did 'what', 'when and from 'where'. The report results are grouped by called user name, account name, caller machine name, client user name or object name.

User Management

Users Created | Users Deleted | Users Enabled | Users Disabled | Users Locked Out | Users Unlocked | Users Password Changed | Users Password Set | Users Modified | Users Attributes Changed | Users Password Changed

Group Management

Security Groups Created | Distribution Groups Created | Security Groups Deleted | Distribution Groups Deleted | Security Group-Member Added | Distribution Group-Member Added | Security Group-Member Removed | Distribution Group-Member Removed | Groups Attributes Changed | Groups Permissions Changed | Groups Modified

Computer Management

Computers Created | Computers Deleted | Computers Enabled | Computers Disabled | Computers Modified | Computers Attributes Changed | Computers Permissions Changed

OU Management

OU Created | OU Deleted | OU Modified | OU Attributes Changed | OU Permissions Changed

GPO Management

GPO Created | GPO Deleted | GPO Modified | GPO Link Changes

DNS Changes

DNS Nodes Created | DNS Nodes Deleted | DNS Nodes Modified | DNS Zones Created | DNS Zones Deleted | DNS Zones Modified | DNS Permissions Changed

Other AD Object Changes

Password Settings Changed | Containers Created | Containers Deleted | Containers Modified | Containers Permissions Changed | Contacts Created | Contacts Deleted | Contacts Modified


Logon Events

The drill-downable aggregate summary reports under Logon Events consists of Account Logon & Local Logon-Logoff of 'who' did 'what', 'when and from 'where'. The report results are grouped by either user name, machine name, source, logon type or reason.

Account Logon

Logon Failures | Logon Success

Local Logon-Logoff

Local Logon Failures | Local Logon Success | Radius Logon Failures | Radius Logon Success

Meeting Compliance Regulations

Regulatory compliances like SOX, PCI-DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, GLBA and more from across the world require reports that audit user activity, monitor critical accounts, document successful and attempts to access data wherein the access is denied which would have resulted in confidential data theft. Meet every compliance requirement with the drill-downable aggregated summary reports that document every Active Directory change information over a period of time; to further analyze, click any report to focus on a particular change action for precise details.

ADAudit Plus Features Highlight


Access Monitoring


GPO Auditing

Track every logon, AD object, file / folder access / modifications by Admin, Users, Helpdesk. 6000+ possible GPO settings changes, track every single one of them

File Auditing


Critical Servers

Audit files, folders & permissions changes of every File Server, NetApp Filer and EMC Share Audit the Windows servers- Admin logon failures, Service account changes and more

Reports & Alerts


Audit Trails

View / customize the 200+ pre-configured reports and get real-time email alerts Archive AD event data for security analysis, Compliance and forensics

Meet Compliance



Real time reporting with ready-to-use reports for PCI, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, HIPAA Compliance Know the pricing of the product's various audit features and add-ons available

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