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Download Service Pack for Release 11.5

This service pack will enable customers already using Applications Manager (build #8010 & above) or APM Plugin (build #11010 & above) to upgrade to our latest version. If you are new to Applications Manager, you can directly download the Full Build. [How can I find my build number?]

Read through our What's New section to know more about the new features in the Service Pack.

Who should upgrade? Upgrade path to latest build Steps | Troubleshooting
Customers using Build No. 11040 & above - Download Service Pack 11.5 and move to build #11520

Upgrade Guide

Customers using Build No. 10030 to 11030 - Download Service Pack 11.0 and move to build #11040
- Download Service Pack 11.5 and move to build #11520

Upgrade Guide pdf

Customers using Build No. 8010 to 10020 - Download Service Pack 10.0 and move to build #10031
- Download Service Pack 11.0 and move to build #11040
- Download Service Pack 11.5 and move to build #11520

Upgrade Guide

If you are using a build earlier than 8010, contact to install the service pack. You can also get the latest news about our upcoming features, upgrades, service packs and hot fixes by following our Twitter handle.

Step 1: How to locate my build number?

  • In the web client, click the "Hello [admin]" link on the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on the "About" menu item.
  • In the "License Information" section, you can find the build Number.
  • Check the image guide to locate the build number.

Step 2: Instructions to Apply the Service Pack: ( Follow the below steps one by one, do not skip any steps)

  • Shut down Applications Manager as you normally do.
  • Start command prompt as an administrator [cmd > right click --> run as administrator] Click here to see the screenshot.
  • Via command prompt, execute the shutdownApplicationsManager.bat -force command ( -force for Linux) from the 'Applications Manager Home' folder.
  • As a best practice, take a complete backup of 'Applications Manager Home' folder.
  • Run the updateManager.bat script ( -c for Linux) under the 'Applications Manager Home/bin' folder which invokes the Update Manager tool.
  • Browse and select the Service pack file (.ppm) saved in your computer.
  • Click Install to initiate the upgrade process.
  • Once you see the "Installed" message on your screen, click Finish to complete the installation.
  • Start Applications Manager Server.
Note :
  • < Applications Manager Home > refers to the directory in which you have installed the Applications Manager product. This directory location is specified by you when you install the product.
  • For Enterprise edition setup, follow same steps in all Applications Manager instances (you can upgrade Admin node first, followed by Managed nodes).

Need Help?

Want help with upgrading to the latest version of Applications Manager? Please email us at

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