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Go the extra mile to safeguard your organization's privileged accounts. Secure privileged accounts with adaptive MFA.

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Privileged account security with ADSelfService Plus

Privileged accounts are identities with exceptional access or abilities that go beyond what regular users possess. Being fully aware of these special capabilities, attackers are always looking to exploit privileged accounts to access and disrupt a company's most sensitive data, applications, and infrastructure.

For this reason, privileged or administrator-level accounts need to be protected with more caution. Privileged account security solutions aim to do so by adding extra layers of authentication during privileged account access.

Protecting privileged system activities with adaptive MFA

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus offers customizable MFA with conditional access, and strong password policies to provide added security for privileged accounts. You can tailor the MFA methods and the password policy requirements for users based on their OU and group memberships, thus configuring stringent settings for administrator accounts. Using conditional access policies, you can also create your own exclusive MFA rules for privileged identities on the basis of IPs, business hours, and geolocation.

ADSelfService Plus also offers MFA for Windows User Account Control (UAC), which secures elevated system activities carried out on standard user accounts. This happens by enforcing additional authentication methods on top of passwords during all UAC credential prompts. Successful identity verification is mandatory for performing administrative actions. ADSelfService Plus provides various MFA authenticators to enhance the privileged account security.

Conditional access

Cached Credentials Update

Devise customized rules or conditions for adaptive authentication to occur.


Select from a broad range of conditions including IPs, business hours, and geolocation.

Windows UAC MFA

Cached Credentials Update

Enable Windows UAC MFA and secure admin-level activities performed on the system.

Password policy enforcer

Cached Credentials Update

Using the Select the Policy option, configure special password requirements for privileged users.


Enhance password complexity by configuring the use of alphanumeric characters in passwords.


Restrict the use of common dictionary words and patterns in users' passwords.

Benefits of securing your privileged accounts using ADSelfService Plus


    Broad range of authenticators

    Choose from multiple authentication factors that ADSelfService Plus offers to protect privileged system activities with MFA.


    Customizable authenticators

    Tailor UAC MFA for users according to their privileges, OU, group, and domain memberships by assigning different authenticators for verification.


    Security for privileged activities

    Prevent potential exploitation of critical system activities, even in the event of compromised administrator credentials, and enhance privileged account security.

Secure elevated system activities with adaptive MFA using ADSelfService Plus.

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