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Active Directory passwords across multiple platforms

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In most IT environments, employees are required to remember separate credentials for accounts other than their default Windows Active Directory (AD) account. On top of that, each password is also subject to different password policies and expiration dates. Using separate passwords for different accounts increases the chances of users forgetting passwords and raising password reset tickets. The most effective way of managing multiple passwords is synchronizing them across all connected applications in real time.

What features do most password sync tools lack?

ADSelfService Plus' real-time password synchronization tool: One-tool to sync all user passwords

ADSelfService Plus, a unified self-service password management, MFA, and SSO solution, supports real-time AD user password synchronization across multiple platforms. It instantly replicates Windows AD password and account changes across a range of cloud-based and on-premises applications and provides a complete self-service identity management solution for your business.

One-tool to sync all user passwords

Salient aspects of the real-time password synchronizer

Self-service password reset

If users forget their AD password, they can reset it using ADSelfService Plus without requiring IT assistance.

Easy to configure

Only minimal information is required. ADSelfService Plus also helps admins comply with regulations like HIPAA, NIST, PCI DSS, and more.

Syncing for cloud apps

Admins can enable users to include or exclude password sync for specific apps based on self-service policies when they perform password resets or changes.

Less burden on users and admins

Admins need not worry about being flooded with a huge volume of password reset tickets as users only need one password to access multiple systems.

Automatic Password Synchronization

Users only have to reset their password in AD; new passwords will instantly be synced to all apps without any additional effort or action from the users or administrators.

Greater password complexity across platforms

Enforce custom Active Directory-based password policies from within the application to other business systems like Microsoft 365.

Group and OU-based policies

Admins can authorize or restrict AD password sync operations to certain applications for specific users based on their OU, group, or domain membership.

Synchronized account changes

If a user unlocks their locked out Windows Active Directory account through ADSelfService Plus, all other locked out accounts in other systems will be automatically unlocked.

Real-time password synchronization

Option to abort synchronization to cloud applications if the password operation fails in Active Directory.

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ADSelfService Plus in action: Automatically synchronize users'
Active Directory or Azure passwords to SAP, Oracle, IBM systems, etc

  • Users change or reset their Windows AD passwords or unlock their account using ADSelfService Plus or using any of the native methods in Windows (via the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen and the ADUC console).
  • The Password Policy Enforcer checks if the entered password meets all the enforced password complexity requirements. Learn more.
  • The ManageEngine Password Sync Agent captures the new password, encrypts it, and forwards it to ADSelfService Plus' server via HTTPS. Learn more.
  • ADSelfService Plus' Password Synchronizer begins to search for the user in other systems configured for password synchronization. If the user ID gets a hit on any other systems, then the Password Synchronizer automatically performs a password reset on those systems with the new Windows AD password set by the user through ADSelfService Plus.
  • ADSelfService Plus then synchronizes the password for all the configured cloud applications to the new value.
  • An AD password change notification email or SMS, the real-time alert, is sent to the end users to let them know that their passwords have been modified.
  • If the password is not updated in AD, the user will be notified via SMS or email.

Supported platforms

ADSelfService Plus supports Windows Active Directory password synchronization
across the following systems.




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