Enterprise change management:

How ManageEngine has surfed the waves of change since the 90s

Featuring a change management framework for enterprises, and change scenarios from our real IT world

Why read this book?

Change management has remained a crucial subject for decades in the IT world. Yet, even after years of learning and experimentation on the topic, IT leaders still find it challenging to execute changes perfectly in an IT ecosystem. Have you wondered why?

It is because they often lack a framework to help them navigate through the change.

ECM e-book

A framework helps you through all stages of a change, from planning the change, to dealing with challenges that arise during the implementation, to even reviewing it. And without a well-crafted framework to guide you through the process, change management becomes more challenging than it needs to be. We created this e-book to give you that framework—the one we'd have loved to have when we started out in the 90s.

The core of this book consists of the journey of our leaders, perfecting our change management process through ManageEngine’s growth from a startup to an enterprise. What we give you today is the result of the learnings we had, the mistakes we made, and the solutions that worked for us.

This book is also a guide and a storybook of how our change management is on semi-autopilot, with almost no loss of efficiency at work. The best part is that you can implement these concepts and create a sustainable change management system that works for your organization. Beyond that, you can also use this knowledge in any situation that requires a change. And we both know there are going to be a substantial amount of changes.

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