ITSM for manufacturing enterprises : Real-life ITSM success stories of two manufacturing giants

Read how ManageEngine improved ITSM workflows to reduce complexity and solve business challenges of two enterprises


The manufacturing sector has contributed greatly in ManageEngine’s evolution over the years. The manufacturing enterprises we deal with have been operating successfully for decades, and the classic and comprehensive nature of their processes have played a huge part in our learnings.

And providing them with a modern ITSM environment that infuses well with the traditional manufacturing process has led to some of the most fulfilling experiences for our staff. While we’ve helped these companies doctor their ITSM, they’ve helped us shape our products with new unique features.

This book tells you the story of how we worked with two such manufacturing enterprises to transform their ITSM setup for the better. This book also gives you an insider look of how our Onboarding Implementation and Migration (OIM) consultants work with enterprises to bring about such transformations.

How we created this book

We created this book with the help of our OIM consultants and the enterprises they worked with. Their process of working together on an ITSM solution is what made this book possible. For that, we start with an elaborate workshop to gather the requirements, which runs for about two weeks. This is where our OIM experts dissect our customer’s processes and existing infrastructure. We then take a milestone-based approach where we present our deliverables, their expected timelines, and the cooperation we need from our customers.

As we develop the solution we presented, we get ready for a user acceptance test (UAT). The UAT will reveal the challenges and complications we need to address in the next phase. Once we fix those problems, we train our customer’s technicians to handle the ITSM setup. We also provide them with comprehensive documentation on it. After we go live, we stay with them for an extended period to support them with any challenges and also answer all their questions.

This book will elaborate on the process of transformation at two enterprises. We will not be revealing their actual company name for privacy purposes.

1. Cemm-Tech Ltd, a French-Swiss multinational company that manufactures cement

2. Auto-Tech, a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology as well as systems and components for major automakers

These two enterprises are vastly different in terms of their processes, work culture, and, mainly, their ITSM objectives. They represent two unique styles of industries in the manufacturing sector, while also bringing out their own unique challenges with ITSM.

In this e-book, we will dive deep into their stories to understand the challenges from their perspective. Through our experience with these enterprises, we will guide you on how you can improve your ITSM environment.

This book contains two stories and comprehensive analysis of the ITSM structure of two different manufacturing enterprises. We will lay down the context, give you a perspective of the challenges faced by manufacturers, and introduce you to the methods and frameworks that worked for them.

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