Everything you need to manage your IT alarms with ease.

  • Role-based access

    Limit users' actions based on their roles.

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  • Alarm actions

    Open, acknowledge, close, and delete alerts as needed.

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  • Alarm grouping

    Group alerts based on severity, application, category, or display name.

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  • Multi-criteria alerting

    Filter out redundant alerts and get only the notifications you need.

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  • Schedules

    Decide who should receive notifications, when, and how.

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  • Overrides

    Substitute one user for another, delegate responsibilities, and never let an alert go unnoticed.

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  • Alarm escalations

    Notify another technician when your on-call staff fails to acknowledge or close an alert.

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  • Real-time collaboration

    Share alerts with your team, raise tickets, and effectively discuss and resolve incidents.

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  • Downtime

    Schedule your downtime to stop receiving meaningless alerts when your IT is under maintenance.

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  • Alarm tracking

    View all the recent activities related to an alert.

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  • On-the-go alert management

    Extend alert management to your mobile devices to quickly respond to alerts.

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