Advanced analytics
for ServiceDesk Plus' Enterprise Service Management

Deliver amazing experiences for your employees across all business functions using insights from Analytics Plus.

Deliver consistent employee experiences across IT and non-IT services

Leverage AI-powered analytics to streamline services across all facets of your enterprise, including the IT help desk, HR, travel, legal, facilities, and housekeeping.

  • Run every department like IT

    Standardize service quality across all departments so employees can get back to work quickly, regardless of the type of service they requested.

  • Fast track service delivery, organization-wide

    Visualize process bottlenecks using over 500 prebuilt reports and dashboards. Slice, dice, drill down, and actively interact with your data to uncover hidden clues that can help you speed up service delivery.

  • Apply ITSM learnings to other departments

    Extend proven IT service management (ITSM) best practicesusing standard KPIs and implementing self-serviceto other enterprise services, and learn how to manage employee expectations better in non-IT services.

Get a handle on all enterprise services
from a single console

Centralize service management

Bring data and your people together for better decision-making.

Banish heterogeneous departmental applications such as Excel, Access etc., and centralize all data in one console so people from various business services can benchmark performance against ITSM metrics, and make better business decisions.

Bring data and your people together for better decision-making
Optimize administrative processes streamline more, save more
Save on operational costs

Optimize administrative processes;
streamline more, save more.

Your ability to deliver great customer experiences depends on how well you can predict future service requirements. With Analytics Plus' robust forecasting engine, you can easily predict incoming ticket flow and prepare your help desk to tackle seasonal surges in ticket volumes.

Improve staff performance

Deliver more and agonize less with performance dashboards.

You don't have to be a data expert to gain insight into your help desk. Now you can ask or type a question and Zia, Analytics Plus' AI-assistant, instantly responds with rich visualizations that can help you make data-backed decisions quickly.

Deliver more and agonize less with performance dashboards.

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