Analytics-Plus Help

This file contains the common configurations used in the samples, like API key, Database Name, Login Name & Password and Proxy details, if any. Update the configurations in the below code and try out the samples with it:

public class Config
staticfinal String APIKEY="yourapikey";

staticfinal String DATABASENAME="yourdbname";
staticfinal String LOGINNAME="yourloginname";
staticfinal String PASSWORD="yourpassword";

//Set USEPROXY to true if proxy is present.
staticfinal boolean USEPROXY=false;

staticfinal String PROXYSERVER="your proxy server ip or host name";
staticfinal int PROXYPORT=80;
staticfinal String PROXYUSERNAME="your proxy user name";
staticfinal String PROXYPASSWORD="your proxy password";

publicstatic ReportClient getReportClient()
ReportClient rc = newReportClient(APIKEY);
return rc;

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