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SQL Query Entity Mapping

To construct and execute an SQL Query you need to first identify the entities on which the SQL Query will operate upon. The basic entities that are essential for constructing an SQL query includes Database, Tables and Columns.

The following section describes the mapping in Zoho Reports that maps to these basic entities required for SQL querying. You need to use this mapping to construct your SQL queries for execution.

In Zoho Reports the mapping of the entities would be the following:

SQL Query EntityZoho Reports mapping
DatabaseMapped to each workspace in Zoho Reports
TableMapped to Tables and Query Tables in a database in Zoho Reports
ColumnMapped to Columns of a Table or Query Table in a database in Zoho Reports


Following is an example of a CloudSQL query executed on Zoho Reports:

Entities involved in  Zoho Reports:

Database Name in Zoho Reports : "Super Store Sales"
Table Name : Sales
Columns Involved : Customer Name, Sales, Cost and Region


select "Customer Name",Sales,Cost,"Profit (Sales)" from Sales where Region = 'East'

The above query will fetch the records from the Sales table in Super Store Sales database in Zoho Reports, which are from the Region 'East'.

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