4 benefits that advanced analytics adds to project management

4 ways advanced analytics helps project managers

Gone are the days when project managers relied on simple execution processes and desktop tools to keep projects on track. Today, project management has evolved into a more strategic structure that involves planning, creating well-structured schedules, and understanding the dynamics of an organization to ensure that projects are successful from beginning to end.

Throughout the project life cycle, project managers face the challenges of identifying risks, building perfect budgets, and meeting deadlines. Managing all these tasks simultaneously can be daunting and time-consuming. Fortunately, advanced analytics offers a solution to simplify these complex processes.

In this blog, we will explore four ways in which advanced analytics can empower project managers and streamline project management practices. Get ready to discover how advanced analytics is transforming project management.

What is project management analytics?

The term "project management analytics" describes the use of analytics on project data to derive actionable insights that help project managers improve the plan, execution, and overall operations of a project. Project management analytics enables project managers to identify potential risks, maximize resource allocation, get helpful information on the project's progress, make well-informed decisions, and seamlessly measure key performance indicators (KPIs)—all to enhance the project's results. In a nutshell, project management analytics boosts a project's efficiency and success.

How does advanced analytics benefit project management?

Here are four benefits that advanced analytics adds to project management:

1. Enhanced decision-making with visualizations

Wouldn't it be great if all your project data was in one place, where you could quickly build reports or dashboards to see and keep tabs on critical KPIs, progress, deadlines, budget usage, and more? Yes, visualizations play a crucial role in enhancing decision-making in project management by providing a comprehensive view of project data.

Project managers can leverage an advanced analytics platform to consolidate all their project data on a single pane of glass. The reports and dashboards enable project managers to identify trends, patterns, and potential issues at a glance, facilitating faster, more informed decision-making. With the improved visibility of project data, project managers can make strategic decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and take proactive measures to ensure project success. Here's a sample dashboard:

2. Perfect budget planning using accurate forecasts

Perfect budget plans and forecasts are critical to the success of every project and are made possible by advanced analytics. Advanced analytics helps project managers create more accurate, informed budget plans through the analysis of data from previous projects. With the help of an advanced analytics platform's forecasting capabilities, project managers can effectively develop robust, precise budget plans, ensuring the overall success of their projects.

Consider this scenario: You find yourself relying on manual predictions and guesswork for planning your project budget, but deep down, you doubt the accuracy of those numbers. You yearn for a more solid, reliable approach to budget calculations—one that is based on concrete data. This is where the predictive capabilities of an advanced analytics platform come in. By leveraging historical project budget data, advanced analytics can provide you with the ability to forecast your project budget strategically. This approach helps you minimize your risk exposure and enhance the accuracy of your budgeting process. Here's a sample report:

3. Acceleration from hindsight to foresight with improved risk management

Project managers can quickly accelerate from hindsight to foresight by adopting improved risk management in project management with advanced analytics. In the past, project management solely focused on descriptive and diagnostic analyses, providing insights into what went well and what didn't. As organizations mature through the four levels of evolution in how they use analytics, project managers can use prescriptive and predictive analytics to their advantage.

Leveraging advanced analytics on project data enables project managers to foresee potential risks, errors, and outcomes as well as make proactive corrections to minimize and mitigate them. By leveraging advanced analytics for risk management, project managers can shift from a reactive approach to a proactive one, empowering them to boost the success of projects and make informed decisions throughout the project life cycle.

The following report shows the risk severity or impact level across different project phases. This allows project managers to identify which phase tends to have a higher risk level so they can prioritize their risk management efforts accordingly.

4. Better strategy creation

Project managers encounter various difficulties when juggling many projects at once. However, an advanced analytics platform comes to the rescue by offering project managers in-depth insights about the project's planning, execution, resource utilization, and success. Advanced analytics helps in identifying trends and dependencies by analyzing data from multiple tasks, giving project managers the ability to make wise choices. Project managers can seamlessly manage multiple projects, strategically prioritize tasks, and efficiently allocate resources with the support of advanced analytics.

Key takeaways

Advanced analytics has emerged as an effective partner in the ever-evolving world of project management, changing how projects are planned, executed, and monitored. An advanced analytics platform helps project managers make better decisions, create perfect budget plans, manage risks, and pinpoint the complexities of various projects with its ability to offer comprehensive insights, predictive capabilities, and strategic foresight. If you want to leverage advanced analytics on your project data to accelerate from hindsight to foresight and create better strategies, try Analytics Plus now.

Talk to our experts to discover all the ways you can leverage analytics to enhance project management.

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