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Request Closure Deficit

Are your technicians falling behind on resolving incoming requests? This visualization helps you identify such instances by tracking closure deficit, which is the difference between the number of created and closed requests each month.

Last Activity Buckets

Streamline the request resolution process by understanding and overcoming request backlogs. This visualization categorizes pending requests based on their last updated time, which is beneficial in identifying request pileups.

Hours Spent per Request

In addition to monitoring the average resolution time of requests, analyze the number of hours technicians allocate to each request to identify how they distribute their time throughout the day.

Change and Request Correlation

Understand the correlation between change implementation and request volume. This helps managers identify if change implementations are driving request volumes, or if they're improving productivity as a result of lesser incidents raised.

Weekly SLA tracker

In addition to monitoring category-wise SLA compliance on a weekly basis, this visualization also computes the variation in compliance rates across each week. This sheds valuable insight into resolution improvements, and quickly catches setbacks.

SLA violation tracker

Focus on identifying the requests that are on the verge of breaching their SLA within the next two hours, enabling you to make a final effort to resolve them promptly and prevent any further decline in SLA compliance.

SLA anomalies

Helps managers identify specific days of the week where SLA compliance takes a hit. This can point to underlying trends in request resolution that can be targeted to improve overall compliance.

SLA and OnHold Time correlation

Are your technicians placing requests on hold so they can provide resolutions before the timer runs out? Understand the impact on-hold time has on SLA compliance using this insightful visualization.

Ageing summary

Move over, generic aging reports. This powerful visualization provides an overarching analysis of requests based on their age in the help desk, ensuring managers stay on top of backlogs and SLA violations.

Overall tech performance

Looking for a single window to track technicians' work completion across all ITSM modules? Trying to quantify improvements in technician performance? This analysis is all you need.

Stale requests

Nothing irks an end user more than delayed resolutions. Hone in on unresolved requests that haven't been worked on in a while, a.k.a. stale requests, and boost customer satisfaction rates.

Unassigned time over the years

A good way to improve your ticket assignment workflow is by understanding variations in request unassigned time. Increasing values point to a need for improvement in auto-routing practices or for proactiveness amongst technicians.

Tech Load Share

The benefits of understanding technician contribution to the team's workload is endless. You can avoid burnout by working towards a balanced workload, and zero in on slackers within the team.

Timespent on-hold

Requests are often placed on hold while waiting for a response from the user. But sometimes, they're also placed on hold to avoid the SLA timer from running out. Catch both instances using this insightful visualization.

Avg time to pick up requests

Understand technician proactiveness by tracking requests' average time spent in the unassigned state. Haven't configured auto-routing? This analysis is then a key weapon in your arsenal, and helps you monitor and improve request assignments.

Periodic Trend of Factors Affecting Satisfaction Scores

Quantify the impact various help desk events have on a user's overall satisfaction. Identify practices that leave a bigger mark on satisfaction scores, and work towards their remediation.

Categories with Deteriorating Satisfaction Scores

Discern problem areas in your help desk by identifying categories where users are consistently unhappy. Employ targeted strategies to improve resolution quality in these avenues, and boost overall satisfaction.

Most Critical Feedback

The previous visualization uncovers help desk categories that need improvement. But are you looking for more information? This analysis provides nuanced insights into the individual requests and technicians that received the lowest satisfaction scores.

Request Volume and Satisfaction Correlation

Is an increase in request volume impacting your end users' productivity and satisfaction? This analysis uncovers this correlation, and helps you discern technicians' ability to handle increasing load and identify if additional IT staff are required.

Top Contributors to Low Satisfaction Rates

Trying to identify slackers in your help desk team? Merely tracking workload distribution may not give you a complete picture. Leverage this analysis to also identify technicians who receive the lowest satisfaction rating on the team and bring down the overall average ratings.

Software Installation Tracker

Monitor the daily software installations to catch illegal software usage promptly, and implement remediation steps to overcome cybersecurity breaches or data loss.

Productivity Lost due to Workstation Repairs

Is your organization facing loss in productivity due to pending asset repairs? What's the dollar value of productivity loss when assets break? This powerful visualization provides insightful answers to these queries.

IT Spend Tracker

Measure current IT spend against the available budget to ensure you do not blow past the allocated funds.

Asset Acquisition Pace

Understand the pace at which assets are added to the IT infrastructure, compare against previous years, and ensure the acquisition rate is proportional to business expansion to ensure profitability.

Problematic Assets

IT assets are meant to facilitate productivity. But what if the inverse rings true in your help desk? Identify troublesome IT assets that directly impede organizational productivity.

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