Introducing single sign-on for ServiceDesk Plus users

As the IT admin, we understand that it can be tough to set up a new application and give access to all your users. That's why we've simplified the process of setting up Analytics Plus for ServiceDesk Plus users.

Automated insights  |  Over 400 pre-built dashboards  |  Trend forecasting  |  Real-time SLA monitoring  |  In-line report commenting
Introducing single sign-on for ServiceDesk Plus users

Three steps to implement advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus

Empowering your team with the vision they need to see where and how they can improve their processes just got easier with the launch of single-sign for ServiceDesk Plus.

  • Download and install
    Analytics Plus.
  • Integrate Analytics Plus with
    ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Go to the settings and enable
    single sign-on for your team.

Why choose Analytics Plus?

  • Cut down reporting time by 80% with AI-assisted insights

    We know that service desk technicians are busy. Along with the over 400 free reports and dashboards, service desk staff can also gain insight into ServiceDesk Plus data just by asking Zia, Analytics Plus' built-in analytics assistant, questions. Zia can also provide contextual insights into critical metrics and reports so that your staff can spend less time obtaining insights and more time acting on those insights.

  • Solve problems in seconds with interactive reports

    Go from identifying problems to troubleshooting them in seconds. Slide, dice, and drill-down into data and get to the root-cause of problems. Bring in data from other applications or resources, and study the relationship between data sets in detail for a thorough analysis of problems.

  • Make it a habit to deliver before SLAs

    Stop chasing SLAs. Assess process flows thoroughly, streamline workflows, and ensure tickets are handled by skilled technicians on time. Preemptively set up alerts and get notified when tickets are likely to breach your targets so you can prioritize tickets for immediate resolution.

  • Take complete control of IT operations using Analytics Plus

    ServiceDesk Plus isn't only for resolving incoming tickets. It involves several other modules such as assets, knowledge bases or solutions, user surveys, projects, changes, and tasks. Analytics Plus brings in data from these modules and more so that you can visualize all aspects of your service desk in a single console.

A guide to implementing analytics in IT

The ultimate guide to implementing analytics in IT

We know that setting up advanced analytics for your IT can be a challenge, especially if you have too many departments and too many applications. That's why we've put together a simplified, step-wise guide you can use to implement analytics in your IT successfully.

Top ServiceDesk Plus users trust Analytics Plus to power their IT.