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Instructions to upgrade to build 3600

ManageEngine Analytics Plus recommends users to upgrade to build 3600 to enable easy access over the internet and local networks. The new build (3600) marks the move from multiple ports (used in previous builds) to a single port system aimed to remove the hassle involved in setting up, making the application considerably lighter and easy to install in your environment.


Follow the step-wise instructions to upgrade Analytics Plus from build 3500 to 3600. Contrary to the usual upgrade process, this procedure involves installing build 3600 and migrating data over from build 3500. This is due to some major architectural changes that are being rolled out in build 3600.

Please do not skip any step. If these steps prove too complex, use the form below to request for assistance and one of our support engineers will perform the upgrade over a remote session.

Prerequisites for upgrade

Users should be on build 3500 for this upgrade to work. If you're on a lower build, please follow the instructions in this page to move to build 3500.

Steps to backup data from build 3500

  1. Shut down Analytics Plus.
    Windows installations- Open the services window (Run--> services.msc) and stop the ManageEngine Analytics Plus service.

    Linux installations- Run the command from the directory /AnalyticsPlus/bin

  2. Execute the singlePortMigrationBackup.bat ( for Linux) under the <Analytics Plus_Home>\bin\ directory in the command prompt. Run the command prompt with admin privileges to avoid permission related errors.
  3. The backup will be saved as a .zip file under <Analytics Plus_Home>\Backup\. Copy the zip file to a secure location on the server. This file will be needed in one of the following steps.

Steps to restore data on to build 3600

  1. Download Analytics Plus build 3600 on the same server. Download full build from this link (for Linux build, click here)
  2. As a best practice, rename the old Analytics Plus folder if you're installing the new Analytics Plus build (3600) in the same location as the previous build (3500), and make sure to use the appropriate folder name in the subsequent steps.
  3. Run the installation file and during installation, make sure to enter the same port number as the previous (build 3500) Analytics Plus instance.
  4. Once you see the 'Installation Completed' screen, uncheck the Start ManageEngine Analytics Plus Server option and click Finish. Do not start the server until you complete the following steps (5, 6, and 7).
  5. The Analytics Plus Postgre SQL directory should have the following permissions configured. This is a prerequisite for successful data restoration. Go to <Analytics Plus_Home>\pgsql, right-click on \pgsql and select Properties. Choose Security.
  6. For Windows installations - Open the command prompt and execute the singlePortMigrationRestore.bat from <Analytics Plus_Home>\bin directory of the new instance (build 3600). eg : singlePortMigrationRestore.bat E:\
  7. For Linux installations - Open the command prompt and execute the from <Analytics Plus_Home>/bin in the new instance. eg : E:/

  8. After the restoration is complete, start the ManageEngine Analytics Plus server.
  9. You can access the new Analytics Plus instance using URL- https:// <Hostname>: . Replace <Hostname> tag with the hostname or IP address of the server and <Web server port> tag with the web server port chosen at the time of installation (Eg: https://BI-server:8443).

Post restoration steps:

  1. Once the restoration is complete, re-apply your registered license in the Settings --> License Management menu.

  2. Any SSL certificates used in the previous installation (build 3500) needs to be re-applied in the new application instance. For more information, refer our articles on applying Wildcard SSL certificates and third-party SSL certificates.
  3. Disable the previous Analytics Plus service (3500) under Services.msc.


  1. <Analytics Plus_Home> refers to the directory in which you have installed the Analytics Plus product.
  2. If you're running Analytics Plus on a Windows server/desktop, please store your back up files in a secure location other than the C:\ drive.
  3. There maybe additional steps involved if either one of the following statements are true. Please contact our technical support (analyticsplus- for the additional steps.
    • You wish to setup the build 3600 on a different server from that of your previous installation (build 3500), and have integrated Analytics Plus with either ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceDesk Plus MSP or SupportCenter Plus.
    • You wish to setup build 3600 on a different web server port from that of your previous installation (build 3500), and have integrated Analytics Plus with either ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceDesk Plus MSP or SupportCenter Plus.
  4. This step is applicable only if you choose to set up build 3600 on a server different from that of the previous instance (build 3500) - Any alias URL created to access Analytics Plus needs to be reconfigured in your DNS server in order to direct traffic to the new host server.
  5. It is recommended that you wait for a couple of weeks before completely uninstalling your old Analytics plus instance (after disabling its services)

Now that you are on build 3600, click here to check for newer versions.

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