Analytics Plus
virtual training session for beginners

Get hands-on training from our in-house experts and learn how to discover insights and make meaningful correlations in your IT data.

Analytics Plus virtual training session for beginners

Courses offered

Beginners course

This course is tailored to give you a head-start on your analytics journey. During the session, we'll walk you through the basic steps starting with importing data into Analytics Plus, creating reports and dashboards, using built-in AI assistant to get answers to questions, sharing and collaborating, and managing application configuration.

Analytics Plus live virtual training

Experts course

The experts' course helps you get an in-depth understanding of Analytics Plus' capabilities and reporting options. We will discuss advanced analytics concepts including building data models and preparing IT data for analysis; performing cross-functional analytics using data from multiple sources, APIs, or a direct database connection to import data from in-house applications; administrative and maintenance functions; best practices; and more.

Analytics Plus live virtual training

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Mar 30, 2023

Beginners session

1.30pm to 5.30pm   |   Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

4 hours   |   Free for a limited period

Why attend?

Analytics Plus virtual training programs are designed to give you first-hand experience of Analytics Plus. Led by our in-house experts, the sessions will help you make sense of your IT data and perform complex analytical functions without the aid of a data analyst or database administrator.

During the sessions, we will also share real-life examples and use cases which can arm you with the skills needed to tackle real-world problems in your IT.

About virtual training

  • The virtual classroom is 4-hour, instructor-led, online program. (Breaks included)
  • The training will be scheduled across different time zones.
  • Participants will be sent a link a few days before the day of training to attend the session.
  • The session will be a highly interactive. Attendees can ask questions, participate in quizzes, and share ideas with other attendees as well as the trainers.

ManageEngine Analytics Plus online Training Agenda (Beginners)

Mode: Online | Duration: 4 hours

Module 1: Introduction to Analytics Plus
Analytics Plus- the BI from ManageEngine to drive your IT with data
Analytics Plus architecture
Getting Started - terminologies
Module 2: Data import
Out of the box integrations
Files, feeds and cloud storage
Local and cloud databases
Module 3: Data modeling
Building formulas
Formatting tables and custom sorting
Lookups and data blending
Module 4: Report creation
Building charts, pivot tables and other views
Applying filters and user filters
Customizing reports
Ask Zia
Module 5: Dashboard creation
Creating a dashboard
Adding KPI widgets
Customizing dashboards
Timeline filters and merging user filters
Module 6: Sharing and publishing
Sharing reports and dashboards
Publishing embedded views
Publishing a permalink
Slideshow creation
Module 7: Exporting and emailing
Exporting and emailing a view
Exporting and emailing multiple views
Exporting and emailing a dashboard
Module 8: User Management
Adding users
Managing users

ManageEngine Analytics Plus Training Agenda (Experts)

Mode: Online | Duration: 4 hours

Module 1: Introduction
Introduction to the expert course
Module 2: Importing Data
Cloud database demo
Live connect
Managing data sources
Module 3: Data Modeling
Building complex Formulas
Data blending
Query Tables
Data Snapshotting
Understanding dependencies & changing paths
Module 4: Advanced Report Creation
Creating Geo Maps, Funnel, Bubble and Heat Maps
Setting up Drill Down Path
Setup Data Alerts & Thresholds
Training and customizing Zia
Module 5: Creating Dashboards
KPI Widgets hacks
Setting up Reports As Filter
Embedding external widgets
Using Themes
Dashboard Settings
Module 6: Sharing and Collaboration
Setting up Groups
Enabling shared users to be report & dashboard creators
Deep dive into Share Filter Criteria
Setting up Variables
Module 7: Administration & Maintenance
Backup, Restore & Upgrade
License Management
Configuring Alias URL