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Building a unified analytics platform for ServiceDesk Plus, Endpoint Central and OpManager

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It's no secret that data-driven IT management can put your organization light years ahead of its peers. The challenge is, how can you bring in data from several IT applications and services into one console for analysis? Integrated analytics that communicates with and combines data from several IT applications has always been a dream. Not anymore!

Analytics Plus, ManageEngine's flagship IT analytics software, has just introduced blended analytics that enables users to automatically blend data from ServiceDesk Plus, Endpoint Central, and OpManager, and gain a unified view of the IT environment.

Join us for a free webinar on Nov 9, 2021, to learn how blended analytics can help users:

  1. Build a unified view of the IT environment
  2. Correlate endpoint security and incident volume
  3. Understand how changes in hardware and software assets impact security
  4. Measure the true impact of security incidents or breaches
  5. Analyze how technician workload affects end user satisfaction rates


Cherubina Hosannah

Product Expert, Analytics Plus

About Cherubina

Cherubina has worked extensively in the IT sector for several years. She focuses on creating educational content that aids clients in uncovering niche avenues where analytics can be leveraged to further business growth. She currently drives content marketing efforts for Analytics Plus, ManageEngine's advanced analytics platform.