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Does your security strategy overlook minor security gaps?

Leverage analytics to find and fix your cybersecurity gaps.

Presented by

Sailakshmi B

Marketing Analyst, ManageEngine


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Cyberdefense has come a long way in the last few years. However, two main challenges remain: the continuous evolution in the number and sophistication of attacks, and the ever-increasing attack surface. These factors have left several open gaps in organizations' security strategies. Advanced security analytics is an effective tool to close these gaps; continuously monitor current security controls and make revisions to the organization's security strategy on implementing new security controls.

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  • Learn to filter through an overwhelming amount of endpoint and security data, and focus on metrics that have a direct impact on security and the organization's business objectives.
  • Monitor current security levels to understand the true state of IT security, and identify unknown gaps in your security perimeter.
  • Build definitive security protocols that make it easy for your security teams to quickly scan, identify, and seal security gaps periodically, regardless of the volume of endpoints.
  • Create a resilient security strategy to help you fortify your stance against internal and external threats.
  • Explore a bevy of real-life examples of how organizations have successfully thwarted cyberattacks using analytics.