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A typical Certificate Signing Request (CSR) consists of the details of an organization along with a pair of public and private keys to be sent to a Certificate Authority (CA). However, it becomes tedious and time-consuming when processing multiple CSRs, with each request requiring the same organization details but for a unique key pair. An organization might require thousands of certificates—which in turn yields thousands of CSRs . What's more, the CSR process often involves privileged admins who use an additional tool to sign CSRs, which leads to siloed IT management.

The applicants can save a lot of time and effort if the creation and management of CSRs are streamlined in one central location. Key Manager Plus provides visibility over the end-to-end management of CSRs, from generation, signing, to the acquisition of certificates. Track, organize, and manage every CSR that is created using Key Manager Plus, as well as those created externally.

Expedite the creation of CSR

Key Manager Plus allows you to create and maintain templates for faster and more efficient generation of CSRs . It allows you to enforce specific guidelines and create standard templates to comply with predefined policies. Every discovered, imported, and generated CSR is stored in one central repository for ease of access.

Sign CSRs with ease

With integrated signing, Key Manager Plus makes the process easy by allowing privileged admins to sign any existing CSR. Once a CSR is signed, the issued certificate will be automatically updated to the central repository.

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Certificate signing

Enforce certificate request approvals

Sometimes, non-privileged users might use a third-party tool to raise requests for certificates. Tracking the progress of each certificate request on a separate platform might lead to asynchronous errors. Key Manager Plus allows users to raise tickets for new certificates as well as add subdomains for existing certificates, even if they lack the privilege to create a CSR. The requesters can track the lifecycle of each request from Key Manager Plus.