Discover SSH servers and keys.

Consolidate and store your keys in a centralized repository.

The key-based authentication for SSH communication is considered robust, secure, and convenient. However, the biggest problem that arises from this practice is that the list of keys and their access permissions are neither recorded nor maintained in a centralized location. In some organizations, the keys lay scattered in disparate storage media and in many others, the keys are handled haphazardly.

Since the keys, theoretically, have an infinite lifetime and are difficult to search for individually, they're left untouched after deployment. Additionally, deploying, rotating, or deleting keys is easier if they are accessible from a central repository, rather than strewn about in different systems.

Key Manager Plus brings these keys together and stores them in a centralized and secure repository. As a result, it is much easier to access and effectively manage the keys. In addition to facilitating centralized management, Key Manager Plus increases the security of SSH keys by storing them in encrypted form. Strict access control provisions help eliminate unauthorized access. Pictorial representations of key to user relationships and comprehensive audit trails help closely track user activities.

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