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Portuguese energy giant victim of RagnarLocker ransomware

In April 2020, Energias de Portugal (EDP), the fourth largest producer of wind energy, revealed that it fell victim to RagnarLocker ransomware. The attackers have demanded an equivalent of nearly USD 11 million in bitcoins as ransom.

The attackers claimed to have stolen over 10TB of sensitive company files, which they have threatened to leak if their ransom demands are not met. The ransom note included the company name, a link to the Tor payment page, and the data leak site with the compromised data. The stolen information includes data of clients, transactions, contracts, and partners.

The attackers warned EDP not to attempt to decrypt the data without using decryption software they provided. They have also quoted a reduced ransom amount if EDP agrees to pay within two days of the attack. During the time of writing this article, EDP has not responded to the attack.

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