Move your logs to the cloud.

Don't let log management distract you from what really matters - Network security Leave log storage and management to us.

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Store and manage all your log data on a secure cloud platform.

Do you run into "Running out of disk space!" alerts every time you try archiving logs to meet your IT compliance requirements? Then you should definitely check out Log360 Cloud. 

Log360 Cloud is a cloud-based solution for managing and storing log data from your on-premises environment. Starting at $99/100GB of log storage, Log360 Cloud manages log data securely on the cloud and greatly cuts down IT spending on log storage devices.

Why should you consider Log360 Cloud?

Instant and simple

Log360 Cloud is all set to manage logs on a secured cloud platform within minutes. Just install the log collection agent and configure your devices.

Store and search

Store all log data on a secure cloud platform and save big on your IT storage spending. And it doesn't end there. With a best-in-class log search engine, Log360 Cloud facilitates speedy forensic and root cause analysis. 

Audit and report

One of the most important reasons for collecting and managing log data is meeting IT compliance requirements. With Log360 Cloud, generate audit reports in a jiffy and find out who did what, when, and from where to get the answers you need.

Supported log sources


Move your logs to the cloud

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If you've already deployed our on-premises log management solution, EventLog Analyzer,
please contact our support team to help you move your log data to the cloud.