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Store and manage your network logs from the cloud
with ManageEngine Log360 Cloud.

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Monitor your network security from anywhere

As businesses are becoming increasingly dynamic, they need a flexible and accessible log management solution.
ManageEngine's cloud SIEM offering, Log360 Cloud seamlessly caters to your log management and compliance needs.

Log360 Cloud collects your network logs from both on-premises and cloud-based data, stores them in the cloud, and
provides a comprehensive view of your network's security in real time with multiple real-time/auto-updated, graphical dashboards.

Instant set-up

Log search and analysis made easy

Search for anything in your network logs using Log360 Cloud's search console. With a robust search engine, Log360 Cloud lets you search for specific criteria in your logs and export the results. This helps with root cause analysis during incidents.

  • Build basic and advanced SQL-based queries.
  • Perform searches with wild card, Boolean, and logical operators.
  • Save your search progress and export results.
Security auditing and reporting
AWS logging and monitoring

Comprehensive auditing and reporting

Log360 Cloud collects logs from an exhaustive list of log sources in your on-premises network as well as cloud (AWS environment). It provides out-of-the-box reports that organize logs into readable format, making it easier to gain insights into what's happening.

  • Visualize and review security activities and furnish the required details for audits.
  • Generate detailed security audit reports and answer questions of what, who, when, and where.

Near real-time alerting

A timely alert can protect an organization from major IT mishap. Log360 Cloud enables you to set up priority based alerts in the form of SMS and email to notify security administrators about critical events in your network.

  • Get priority based alerts on security events and address potential threats promptly.
  • Set up threshold-based alerts to avoid alert congestion and false positives.
Store and search
Near real-time alerting

Comply with regulatory mandates

Nearly every industry has to meet IT compliance regulations to ensure data privacy and security. Log360 Cloud helps organizations monitor and prove compliance. The solution can generate audit-ready reports for major compliance regulations and mandates.

  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements for regulatory mandates such as PCI-DSS, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and more using audit-ready report templates.
  • Monitor compliance in your network with dashboards specific to different regulations and compliance alerts.

Detect and resolve incidents on time

When important security events critical to the network safety and operations are identified, they are marked as incidents. Incidents should be resolved by security experts, often within a stipulated time period, while making sure they are properly recorded and documented.

Log360 Cloud ensures you identify and resolve incidents on time with built-in tools and third-party integrations.

  • Assign incidents to IT technicians and track status in the product.
  • Forward incidents to third-party ticketing tools such as ServiceDesk Plus, ZenDesk, Kayako, etc.
Incident management

Diverse log collection

Log360 Cloud now offers enhanced support for log collection from a wide range of log sources, ensuring comprehensive coverage across your IT environment. With seamless integration, Log360 Cloud can collect logs from sources, including:

  • Operating systems and infrastructure: Windows, syslog, firewalls (e.g., Cisco, Fortinet, Check Point, HP), AWS ELB, AWS CloudTrail, etc.
  • Databases: SQL, Oracle, DB2, and MSSQL
  • Security solutions: Malwarebytes, FireEye, McAfee, and Symantec DLP
  • Other applications and services: Terminal servers, sysmon, and DHCP (Linux and Windows).
Log360 cloud supported log sources

Why Log360 Cloud?

  • Reduce your log storage spending.
  • Collect logs from both on-premises and cloud (AWS) environments.
  • Access and manage log data from anywhere.
  • Scale your network architecture without worrying about the log volume.
  • Audit security events and meet IT compliance requirements with ease.
  • Reign in shadow IT by tracking unsanctioned app usage.

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