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Use our ballpark quote calculator to quickly estimate your storage requirements based on the number of users in your network, log volumes, and retention period.

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For a more detailed analysis, switch to our build your own quote calculator, where you can input precise data to receive tailored storage quotes.

Log sources No.of sources Logs per hour (Per Source) Logs size per hour (bytes)
Windows device

All servers and workstations that run on Windows operating system can be added and managed from here.

Syslog device

Routers, switches, firewalls, IDS/IPS, Linux/Unix machines, and any device that generate log data in Syslog format can be added and managed from here.


CloudTrail , S3 and ELB in the AWS Environment can be added and monitored from here.

Gateway server

Internet traffic in endpoints can be secured and monitored from here

Retention period


size estimation


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