Distribution Server Failure

Error Starting Distribution Server - Port Already In Use


Could not start the Distribution Server in the specified port. You will see an error as "Unable to start DS Server" in the Customers --> Remote Offices page of the Endpoint Central MSP Console.


This error will occur if the HTTP/HTTPS port of the Distribution Server is occupied by some other application. The same error will occur on the both the cases, viz.

  1. When you create and install the Distribution Server for the first time.
  2. When you edit and change the port number of the Distribution Server later.


You can resolve this issue as follows:

Check and Free the Port of Distribution Server

In the computer where the Distribution Server is installed, open a command prompt and enter the following command and check whether the port is occupied: netstat -an

Free the port by stopping the application using that port or chaning the port of that application to a different port. Distribution Server gets started automatically and update the status back to the Endpoint Central Server during the next replication time

Change the Distribution Server Port

If you cannot stop the application and free the port, you can change the port number of the Distribution Server as below:

  1. Select Customers --> Remote Offices tab.
  2. Click the Modify icon pertaining to that remote office from the Action column. This opens the Remote Office details dialog.
  3. Change the DS HTTP Port and DS HTTPS Port numbers and click Modify.

The port number automatically gets updated in the Distrubution Server during the next Replication Interval. Upon successful startup of the Distribution Sevrer the DS Sync Status gets updated.

Applies to: Remote Office, Distribution Server Installation

Keywords: Remote Office, Manage Computers Across WAN, Distribution Server, Distributed Management

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