Frequently Asked Questions


1.   Which market segment does Desktop Central MSP target?
2.   How it differs from Desktop Central?
3.   What are the system requirements for Desktop Central MSP?
4.   What operating systems does it support?
5.   What are the ports used by Desktop Central MSP?
6.   Will I get free technical support during evaluation?
7.   Will there be data migration between Beta and GA release versions?
8.   Will the Desktop Central Agent, captured during OS Imaging recognize computer name changes?
10.  Which exe should I download, a 32 bit or 64 bit version?

Remote Control

1.   Which ports must I open to use the Remote Control feature?
2.   Which ports must I open to use the File Transfer feature during a remote control session?
3.   Can I view multiple monitors of a remote computer simultaneously?
4.   The UI-rendering while using the Remote Control feature is slow. How can I improve its speed?
5.   What is the difference between Fast and Best Compression levels?
6.   On which browsers can I use the Remote Control feature?
7.   Is it possible for multiple users to login remotely to a computer at the same time?
8.   How do I lock a keyboard or a mouse or blacken the display on a remote computer?

Mobile Device Management

1.   What are the prerequesites for Device Enrollment?
2.   What are the ports that need to open for mobile device management?
3.   What Operating systems are supported in DC-MDM?
4.   How can we manage BYOD?
5.   Do I need an Apple enterprise/developer account to manage ios devices?
6.   What is the difference between AppStore Apps and Enterprise/In-house Apps?
7.   What is Volume Purchase Program(VPP)?
8.   What is behavior of Restriction policy in iOS devices?
9.   What is difference between Complete Wipe and Corporate Wipe?
10.   Can a passcode policy forced on the mobile device be revoked by the user?
11.   How to impose policies on devices in such a way that the users cannot revoke it?
12.   What is an .apk file?
13.   What will happen when if I distribute an iOS app to Android devices?
14.   Why should i enable 'Device Administrator' in my Android mobile device?
15.   What do you mean by imposed policies?
16.   What is meant by violated policies?
17.   Can we install an app store app without entering the apple ID?
18.   Can you wipe the data from the device's external memory?
19.   Can you revoke the license code after installing the App?
20.   What are Supervised Devices?
21.   What are the benefits of Supervised Devices?
22.   What is the significance of using Supervised Devices in Desktop Central MDM?

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