CloudSpend for CFOs

CFOs face a crossroads when it comes to choosing the right cloud cost management: Do they prioritize cloud observability or periodic reporting? CloudSpend is designed to cater to CFOs requiring visibility into their cloud spending. By offering a multi-cloud spend analysis that's consolidated and up to date, CloudSpend facilitates better financial planning and analysis, accounting, and spend management.

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A path to predictable cloud finances

CFOs can take control of their monthly budgets and share them across the organization, foster accountability, and reduce cost of goods sold (COGS). Alerting for cost anomalies and overspending means cloud invoices arrive with no surprises.

Ditch the vague invoices from your cloud provider

Get clarity on the invoices coming from cloud providers. CloudSpend provides a breakdown of
bills by highlighting spending at the node level.

Reports that CFOs love

Reports in CloudSpend offer CFOs a consolidated view of all cloud platform costs. They can also schedule reports for Kubernetes clusters in Azure, AWS, and Databricks to see cloud spending in containers.

Get into granular details

When it comes to the cloud spend, CFO's can usually get the big picture, but lack granular visibility. With CloudSpend, they can deep dive into resource-level costs and make informed decisions for the future.

Foster collaboration with engineering teams

CFOs can stay informed about cloud spending, foster better collaboration with engineering partners, and align cloud spending with business objectives. Through seamless integrations with third-party tools and systems, CloudSpend can uncover opportunities for cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Make every cost accounted for

The cloud is a complex space, and finding areas of wasteful spending can be difficult. CloudSpend is aimed to prevent the waste of cloud resources through efficient anomaly detection and alerting.

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