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Your cloud bill is the amount of money spent on your company's cloud infrastructure.

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Every machine you run in the cloud is charged for the amount of time it runs.

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Public cloud services are utilized by organizations with the aim of saving costs, yet approximately 35% of the average cloud remains unutilized. CloudSpend's ROI calculator lets you optimize the essential aspects of your cloud expenditures, allowing you to manage unnecessary expenses and observe optimal financial results.

Identify the unutilized resources

Identify the unutilized resources

Identify idle resources and implement FinOps best practices to maximize your cloud's value and minimize costs. Collaborate with finance, tech, and business teams to revamp your cloud finance strategies.

Rightsize, right-buy, and right-optimize

Rightsize, right-buy, and right-optimize

Reduce costs from unchecked resources, minimize cloud wastage, and reduce your on-demand usage. CloudSpend lets you rightsize your cloud resources and reduce your investment in the savings plans.