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Cloud Cost visibility

Multi-cloud support

Businesses today often adopt more than one cloud provider, and tracking the costs across these platforms becomes challenging. CloudSpend provides multi-cloud support for your AWS and Azure workloads from a single dashboard view. Gain multi-cloud cost visibility and perform prompt actions across platforms.

Intuitive dashboards

CloudSpend's out-of-the-box dashboards provide the ability to dive into the cloud infrastructure and analyze resource inventory along with associated costs. Dashboards also help investigate costs by Business Unit (BU), account, and/or budget.

Business Units(BUs) and perspectives

Tracking cloud costs across various geographies and cost centers can be challenging. BUs allow you to group one or more accounts and organize them in a management hierarchy. Create BUs for every team you need, be it executive leadership, finance, or engineering, and filter by account, service, region, and more.

Tag profiles

A Tag Profile provides customized labels that group user-defined parameters such as resource location, service, and resource. Manage your cloud data by breaking down cloud costs efficiently. You can organize your cloud data in an easy and efficient manner, right-size resources, or make changes to plans.

Cost optimization insights

IT Automation

Unused, idle cloud resources are the major reasons for cloud bleed, especially in non-production test/dev environments. IT Automation in CloudSpend helps you manage cloud resources effectively, reducing cloud costs for non-productive resources. Idle resources are auto-stopped when not in use and can also trigger user-defined actions.

Cloud cost forecasts and recommendations

Forecasting gives administrators an opportunity to right-size resources or make changes in the plan accordingly. CloudSpend provides forecasts on ways to optimize your cloud resources to help you reduce costs and improve the performance of your cloud infrastructure based on historical usage trends. Forecasts at the BU level provide an estimated total bill amount for your chargeback entities for the current or ongoing month based on your past usage.

Granular-level view with Spend Analysis

CloudSpend's Spend Analysis feature provides you with information on costs split up by service, account, region, component, trend, resource, and instance type. When you select a specific BU from the dashboard, you can view the total cost accrued, the maximum spending account, and the minimum spending account. You can also set a custom duration and pick different cost types, including Blended, Un-blended, Amortized, or Recurring.

Effective integration

Monitoring integration with Site24x7

CloudSpend's UI extension in Site24x7 makes it easy for teams to monitor cloud costs alongside their key metrics for cloud services.

Cloud cost governance and administration


CloudSpend Budgets allow you compare current and budgeted amounts as well as forecasted and budgeted amounts. You can configure settings related to the budget and view them with budget configuration. CloudSpend's Budget feature allows you to schedule reports for the dashboard, recent alerts, and historical budgets, while the Budget Policy feature allows you to create policies for your budgets.

Multi-currency support

CloudSpend's Currency Management feature enables you to view costs in multiple currencies across 25 geographic locations for different transactions. With multi-currency support, you can monitor your cost account expenses, budget in your preferred currency, and easily track the forecast of your cost account in your preferred currency to facilitate international business with ease.

Cloud Resource Explorer

The Resource Explorer feature allows you to group and view your costs by account, region, service, or tag. With Resource Explorer, you can easily analyze the cost of each of your cloud resources. Obtain paginated cost views of all resources in your cloud bills, and apply necessary tags to perform actions.


CloudSpend provides a unique hosting model that allows full SaaS implementations. You can self-manage SaaS with with zero maintenance. CloudSpend also provides an automatic scaling option and high availability with zero SLA breaches.



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CloudSpend standard support includes coverage from 9am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday with different response times based on priority.

Mobile Application

With CloudSpend mobile application, you can quickly access information about your cloud infrastructure and review alerts and notifications. You can also identify and eliminate cloud resource wastage in your multi-cloud environment from your Android or iOS device.