CloudSpend for CTOs

CTOs look to deliver high impact products and features while keeping engineering costs in check. CloudSpend helps CTOs ship their products faster and drive innovation while reducing the unit cost to a bare minimum.

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Quality innovation at a lower cost

CTOs can enable tech teams to gain more freedom at work and take control of cloud costs at the same time. An efficient delivery cycle helps bring innovative solutions to market quicker, and CloudSpend provides a granular view of teams' usage patterns at the account, service, and resource level.

No more pressure to bring the cloud bill down

For CTOs, the pressure to reduce costs at an organizational level is a continuous challenge. CloudSpend's budget and forecast models help them plan better and be prepared for future cost spikes rising out of new feature requests or product development projects.

Implement guardrails on your cloud

Budget policy and alerts offer a cost optimization strategy to keep idle resources in check. This provides engineering teams a kill switch for services that go overboard, plus budgets for AWS or Azure accounts, tagged resources, or already-created Business Units.

Decentralized cloud financials

CTOs can manage the financials of distributed teams with Business Units, which help them manage multiple cloud accounts, track cloud costs in a hybrid-cloud environment, and combine and view overall cloud cost data.

No more scrutinized research and development costs

CTOs face the consequences of high R&D costs, especially when product development costs go over budget. CloudSpend allows CTOs to analyze spending at the account and user levels, so they can identify the gaps between R&D and product output and adjust spending accordingly.

Easy business reporting

CTOs can analyze out-of-the-box reports to gain valuable insights into their organization's cloud spending, usage, and trends. These reports can also be used to create budgets, manage cloud bills, and deliver notifications in case of budget breaches.

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