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Orchestrate hands-free user provisioning
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Orchestration in ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus, an IGA solution with Active Directory (AD) management, reporting, access certification, and other capabilities, is also an orchestration tool designed to solve the challenges that IT administrators face. Through event-driven automations, ADManager Plus lets administrators automate series of tasks at defined time intervals from a single console. Unlike a scheduled automation, which gets executed at a scheduled date and time, an event-driven automation is triggered by an action and can be used to perform a sequence of actions not just in AD but also in other external applications.


What is orchestration?

Often confused with automation, orchestration refers to the coordinated management of processes, applications, and systems in an IT environment. While orchestration does involve a great deal of automation, it primarily focuses on streamlining processes to optimize business performance, unlike its counterpart, whose only purpose is to get things done without human intervention.

With the world transitioning towards remote work and technology becoming an integral part of businesses, it's crunch time for IT admins and their organizations, and they are on the lookout for a tool that can rationalize business processes and workflows. An ideal orchestration tool like ADManager Plus will offer cloud orchestration, identity orchestration, and IT orchestration, all together.

How does orchestration work in ADManager Plus?

Event-driven Automation, Webhook, and Orchestration Templates help in building an orchestration workflow.

  • Webhook Templates help admins execute tasks in external applications using REST APIs.
  • Orchestration Templates define the flow of actions and can be constructed using just drag-and-drop actions. These templates can also be directly applied to users to perform a series of actions on them without a trigger.
  • Orchestration Templates
  • Event-driven Automations define execution of a series of tasks in an Orchestration Template that will be triggered when the management actions are completed successfully.
  • Orchestration Profiles

Use cases illustrating orchestration

Use case 1: Automate employee offboarding

Employee offboarding is as critical as employee onboarding, and IT admins play a huge role in making the process seamless for employees just as much as HR personnel. It’s also the IT admin’s responsibility to ensure that the process is in line with the organization’s security principles, like instantly deleting user accounts and revoking access to enterprise applications when the employee decides to call it quits. Doing all of these manually involves switching back and forth between applications, maintaining multiple checklists, and a long waiting time.

With the orchestration feature, IT admins can automate all of the items on an offboarding checklist and sit back and relax. This will involve:

  1. Creating Webhook Templates to delete user accounts in enterprise applications and to reclaim assets using ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.
  2. Constructing an Orchestration Template with the following workflow:
    • Disable a user's Exchange mailbox.
    • Delete a user's Microsoft 365 account.
    • Delete user accounts and recover IT assets using Webhook Templates.
    • Send a farewell email.
  3. Creating an Event-driven Automation to execute the actions defined in the Orchestration Template whenever a AD user is deleted using ADManager Plus.
  • Webhooks

    Webhook Templates to configure API endpoints

  •  Orchestration template to automate employee offboarding

    Orchestration Template to define orchestration workflow

  • Conditional orchestration

    Conditional execution of actions defined in the Orchestration Template

Use case 2: Orchestrate password resets across multiple applications

Send password reset notifications and automatically reset passwords across Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace platforms at defined time intervals whenever a user's AD password is reset.

Orchestrate cross-platform password resets

Orchestrate cross-platform password resets

Salient aspects of the orchestration feature in ADManager Plus

Custom notifications

Send automated welcome and farewell emails to users, notify their managers, and more using notification templates.

Webhook support

Use webhook Templates to create, update, and delete users, groups, and their attributes in external applications.

Drag-and-drop template builder

Create templates from scratch with simple drag-and-drop actions.

Benefits of investing in an orchestration tool like ADManager Plus

With the orchestration feature in ADManager Plus, you can:

  • Provision and deprovision users seamlessly.
  • Orchestrate events in external applications from a single place.
  • Mitigate data entry errors and insider threats.
  • Reduce IT costs and optimize business performance.

Automate and orchestrate with ADManager Plus


Other features


    Active Directory User Reports

    Exhaustive reporting on Active Directory Users and user-attributes. Generate reports in user-activity in your Active Directory. Perform user-management actions right from the report interface!

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    Active Directory Compliance Reports

    Active Directory reports to assist you for compliance to Government Regulatory Acts like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, USA PATRIOT...and much more! Make your organization compliance-perfect!

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    Active Directory Management

    Make your everyday Active Directory management tasks easy and light with ADManager Plus's AD Management features. Create, modify and delete users in a few clicks!

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    Terminal Services management

    Configure Active Directory Terminal Services attributes from a much simpler interface than AD native tools. Exercise complete control over technicians accessing other domain users' computers.

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    Active Directory Cleanup

    Get rid of the inactive, obsolete and unwanted objects in your Active Directory to make it more secure and efficient...assisted by ADManager Plus's AD Cleanup capabilities.

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    Active Directory Automation

    A complete automation of AD critical tasks such as user provisioning, inactive-user clean up etc. Also lets you sequence and execute follow-up tasks and blends with workflow to offer a brilliant controlled-automation.

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