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ADManager Plus' Approval based Workflow for Active Directory tasks in business Enterprises

Active Directory is the fulcrum of today’s organizational activities. On the flipside the AD environment is very  sensitive to changes. Therefore  It is advisable  that changes are made only by authorized people, and are validated by authorities concerned. ADManager Plus’ Workflow helps you do exactly that.

Objective of the use case:

The video below will help understand how ADManager Plus' Workflow can be implemented for Active Directory tasks in a business organization..

With ADManager Plus you can:

  • Build a customizable Workflow structure suiting your business needs
  • Notify handovers between workflow agents
  • Notify agents concerned through mails at any point during the execution of a task
  • Assign Workflow agents and priority to important tasks
  • Be able to supervise automated tasks by enforcing workflow in automation

ADManager Plus' Workflow ensures that your Active Directory routines are more streamlined and efficient.

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