ActiveSync Request Reports

These reports consolidate sync requests coming from all the ActiveSync devices and present the stats in a convenient User Interface.

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

ActiveSync Sync Requests

Obtain extensive reports on device specific sync requests with accurate timestamps. If you are looking for sync request details for a specific user, use the Quick Search feature to obtain reports on the same.

Activesync General Policy Details Report

ActiveSync Mail Requests

For any ActiveSync device, draw out the list of successfully executed commands like “send mail”, “reply” and “forward”, using this report.

Activesync Mail Requests   Activesync Mail Requests

Overall Request Summary

This report lines up the top synced mailboxes and servers in bar graph format based on the sync request count. Acquaint yourself with the devices in your Exchange environment that send out the maximum sync requests using this report.

Overall Sync Request   Overall Sync

Periodic Sync Request Summary

If you are a meticulous administrator who likes to monitor Sync requests on an hourly basis then this is the report for you. Instead, if you would settle for weekly report on Sync requests then generate the same, using the weekly details tab.

Periodic Sync   Periodic Sync Request Summary Weekly Detail

Know about the ActiveSync requests sent by users' devices with automated reports.

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