Failed to Add a Router - Not a Router


When you try to add a router in Switch Port Mapper, Rogue Detection, and MAC IP List tools or from Admin --> Add Routers you get an error as "Not a Router"


The following checks are performed when a router is added in OpUtils:

  1. Whether the device respond to SNMP for the given community string.
  2. Whether the device has the forwarding capability. For a device to qualify as a router, its IP Forwarding should be set to "Forwarding". This is checked by querying the OID: . This should return 1, if it is a router or a getway server. When this returns 2, it means that it is not forwarding and you will get this error message.

More Information

OpUtils periodically queries these routers/gateway servers to get the MAC-IP data of the devices in the network. This data will be used to detect new MAC addresses or to resolve the IP from MAC.

Applies to: Rogue Detection, Switch Port Mapper, MAC IP List

Keywords: not a router, not forwarding, ip forwarding, ip-mac details

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