OpUtils - Cisco Tools

Cisco tools offer an easy way of monitoring your Cisco routers, switches, etc., effectively through SNMP. The Cisco management tools helps to troubleshoot Cisco devices quickly. Cisco router monitoring tool offers a wide range of monitoring information you require about the router such as the name, description, flash memory of a router, the chassis details of a router, the static and dynamic routes of a Cisco router and more.

Cisco Tools

Tools available in this category are:

  • Config File Manager - Utility to download/upload the startup and/or the running config files from or to the given CISCO Router.
  • TFTP Server - Tool to view the config files available in the TFTP root.
  • Device Scan - Utility to scan a subnet or a range of IP addresses to collect the details of the Cisco devices in the scanned range.
  • Device Explorer - Utility to scan a Cisco device to get the details like device snapshot, chassis details, IOS details, flash memory details and more.

Config File Manager

The config file manager of cisco switch monitoring tool downloads/uploads the startup and/or the running config files from or to the Cisco device. This Cisco tool takes scheduled backup of the config files and compare any two files to view the coloured difference between them. The tool uses TFTP to download the files. To know more....

Upload Mulitple Oputils 

TFTP Server

OpUtils uses the TFTP Server to retrieve the config Files from the Cisco Devices. The config files are retrieved and are stored in the file system under the TFTP Root directory. The TFTP Server coming under the cisco monitoring tool can be used to view the contents of the TFTP root directory. It also options to change the TFTP Root directory and to edit and upload the config Files back to the devices.

Device Scan

The Device scan tool of cisco monitoring tool scans the subnets or a range of IP Addresses and provides the information about the Cisco devices that are discovered in the scanned range.The details include, the Chassis ID, ROM version, IOS version, among other details.

Device Scan

Device Explorer

The Device explorer of the cisco management tool provides complete details about the device like device snapshot, chassis details, flash memory details, IOS details, static and dynamic IP routes, interface details, device monitor for cpu and memory utilization, and the access lists of the device.

Device Explorer

For more details on each of the tools. Refer to the Cisco Tools section in online help.