IP Monitor

OpUtils IP Monitor helps you proactively monitor your network resources. With a diverse range of devices getting connected to your network, monitoring your devices and interfaces can be complex. IP Monitor software provides you with hassle-free IP Monitoring of these devices, giving you visibility into their various performance metrics and issues. Offering you advanced IP scanner and IP address tracker capabilities, OpUtils IP monitoring software allows you to seamlessly monitor your network resources.

IP Monitoring - ManageEngine OpUtils

Advantages of using effective IP monitoring software

Using an effective IP monitoring system with a comprehensive set of IP Monitoring tools gives you an upper hand in managing your network resources and monitoring IP. ManageEngine OpUtils IP Monitor acts as an effective IP monitoring tool, helping you to:

Perform agent less monitoring: With a network IP monitoring software you can collect, process, and analyse vital performance metrics from your network infrastructure without any additional installations.

Drill down to specific details: With a network IP monitor, proactively monitor your switches and IP address, and pinpoint network issues by drilling down to granular details such as Last Alive Time, Last Scan Time, System Location, and more.

Gain complete visibility: With network IP monitoring, stay connected with your network resources at all times, know when and where an issue has occurred for easier network troubleshooting.

Key features of OpUtils IP monitoring tool

OpUtils IP monitoring provides seamless IP device and interface monitoring using a diverse range of network IP monitoring tools and interface management tools. With real-time network scans and instantaneous alerting, the OpUtils IP monitor tool set helps you monitor IP and increase network reliability. With various advanced features like IP address manager, OpUtils IP Monitor can help you:

  1. IP monitoring of your IP address space and subnets from a single console.
  2. Simplify IP address space monitoring with OpUtils support for IP supernets.
  3. Automate monotonous IP monitoring tasks
  4. Troubleshoot with instant alerts and notifications.
  5. View historical logs and perform audits with granular reports.

If you are looking for a full-fledged network monitoring solution, try OpManager from ManageEngine. It continuously monitors and provides in-depth visibility and control over network devices such as network servers, routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, printers, and more.

Monitor your IPs and subnets from a single console

With OpUtils’ intuitive powerful dashboard, you can perform effective IP monitoring of all your IP resources, within your OpUtils console. This gives you a preview lists, including the Top Ten Subnets with occupied IPs, Top Ten Groups with occupied IPs, Top Ten Switches with occupied port, and more aiding in complete IP address monitoring.

IP Monitoring Software - ManageEngine OpUtils

Simplify IP address space monitoring with OpUtils support for IP supernets.

As networks scale to accommodate newly added network devices, the demand for IP addresses grows as well. This often results in adding, monitoring, and managing IPs across multiple subnets. To simplify the monitoring process, better organize their network address space, and to minimize the network routing overhead, network admins rely on the concept of super netting or route aggregation.

OpUtils enables supernet monitoring for you to keep track of your IP supernets with its IP address tracker capability. Once added, you can continually check and track the status of these supernets and their associated subnets. This helps you to effectively monitor network address space and ensure optimal usage of network routing devices.

IP Monitoring Solution download - ManageEngine OpUtils

Automate monotonous IP monitoring tasks

With OpUtils IP Monitor, you can enable hassle-free IP address space monitoring by eliminating the need for creating and storing a separate database of IP addresses. It automates repetitive network tasks, such as scanning IP address space for IP status, IP availability, and more with its real-time scanning and listing capabilities.

Network IP Monitor Software - ManageEngine OpUtils

Troubleshoot with instant alerts and notifications

Reduce your network downtime by knowing your network issues first hand. With a diverse range of threshold-based alert profiles, OpUtils ' IP Monitor enables you to continuously monitor over your network’s IP address space and subnet performance. In case of any IP or subnet related events like status changes, DNS lookup failures, and IP utilization of a subnet falling below a particular threshold, you'll receive instant notifications via email and SMS.

IP Monitoring System - ManageEngine OpUtils

View historical logs and perform audits with granular reports

Manage your network’s IP resources and endpoints using OpUtils IP monitoring software’s holistic reports that you can schedule to run in conjunction with audits. A comprehensive set of reports gives you detailed insights into your network’s IP Usage Summary and Reserved Static IP Addresses.


OpUtils IP Address Monitor offers you more than just IP Monitoring, explore all all the advanced features and IP tools OpUtils has to offer. Interested in seeing how OpUtils will work for you? Download a 30-day free trial now. You can also schedule a live demo with a product expert who would be pleased to answer your OpUtils questions.