Advanced Port Scanner

Advanced port scanner provides visibility into what services is running in which port, the number of open ports, connected switches and helps secure networks from unauthorized access. As a network admin, scan your network for open ports, the switches to which these ports have been connected, the services running on them, and associate the known services with the identified services with advanced port scan. Advance port scan tool helps you verify if your services are accessible in the network. In addition, using port scanner, you can associate these ports with your network IP address space with an advanced IP scanner, to gain in-depth IP specific insights on your network interfaces.

OpUtils' advance port scanner

The advanced port scanning tool finds the status of ports in a network by attempting to connect to any open ports. Network port scanner enables admins to check if network configurations are set up according to the organization's security policies, and remedy them if they are in violation.

Advanced port scanner software features

  1. Real-time switch port mapping.
  2. A comprehensive summary of network ports.
  3. Alerts and email notifications.
  4. Advanced port scanning widgets.
  5. Administrative Interface enabling and disabling.
  6. Advanced port scan scheduling.
  7. Role-based access management.

Highlights of advanced port scanner

Real-time switch port mapping.

With networks becoming more and more dynamic, the number of switches and ports used to ensure stable network connectivity and information exchange between network resources increases. Network admins are in a constant need of a real-time advanced port scanner to stay up-to date with the status of the network ports, and the services running on them.

OpUtils' advanced port scanner software enables a network admin to efficiently perform this task by supporting port scanning features compatible with the existing network infrastructure. With advanced port scanning, a network admin can scan network ports in real time by manually adding switches, importing from a CSV file, or by discovering all the switches in the given IP range by performing a port scan. Once the switches have been added, the advanced port scanner software displays all the ports that are associated with the corresponding switches and their IPs with the help of network IP scanner

Advanced Port Scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

A comprehensive summary of network ports.

OpUtils' advanced port scanner not only traces switches to ports but also continually scans network ports to provide full-fledged visibility into the status and working. The network admin can use advanced port scanner to conduct manual port scan or create automated port scan schedules to obtain real-time summary about the network ports. A network admin can also view the Port Summary by clicking on the port address. This summary displays the details of ifIndex (interface), ifName, ifDesc (description), ifType, Port Speed, Port Availability, Admin Status, and more. 

Advance Port Scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

Custom alerts and email notifications.

One of the susceptible entry points into the network by any intruder or rogue are the network ports. Since ports act as a medium that enables communication between the agents in a network, it becomes indispensable to deploy an advanced port scanner software that aid you proactively monitor network ports by raising port scan alerts in case of any undesirable events.

Advanced port scanner tool finds all network entry points available in a target device and helps to secure them. It raises alarms if there are any change in behaviour of the network ports. On port scanning, to make ensure effective troubleshooting, it supports mail servers, which can be configured to receive alerts via email notifications. This allows the network admin to monitor and diagnose a network issue more efficiently. Alerts are generated when:

  1. There is a change in the state of the port from Transient to Available.
  2. There is a change in the state of the port from Available to Used.
  3. Multiple devices are detected in the same port.
  4. The device connected to a port has been changed.
  5. Users move on the network.

Thus a diverse range of alerts helps the admin troubleshoot the port monitoring issues.

port scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

Advance port scanning widgets.

With advanced port scanner software, switching between tabs might not be an efficient solution when it comes to efficiently tracking network ports. To eliminate this hassle, OpUtils' real-time advance port scanner has a collection of widgets that provide crucial information about the state of the ports at a glance. These widgets regularly pull-out the results of advanced port scans conducted and consolidates them into an intuitive representation. This ensures that the data displayed to the user in the console is regularly refreshed and no stale or timed-out results are being displayed. Advanced port scanner guarantees that the port scan metrics being processed by the network admin are up-to date and reliable.

The widgets on the dashboard provide insights on:

  1. Port Availability Summary.
  2. Port Availability Summary HeatMap.
  3. Top Ten Groups with Free ports.
  4. Top Ten Groups with occupied ports.
  5. Top Ten Switches with Free ports.
  6. Top Ten Switches with occupied port.

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Administrative Interface enabling and disabling.

Advanced port Scan provides visibility into what service is running in a target port using port scan. Services listening to a port communicate with a client application, by exchanging data. Malicious agents can exploit this and gain unauthorized access in to the network. From the list of scanned ports, the network admin can enable or disable interfaces using the advanced port scanner tool. Unused interfaces or malicious interfaces in the network can be disabled using the advance port scanner tool to aid in efficient monitoring and management.

Port Scanner Software - ManageEngine OpUtils

Advance network port scan scheduling.

This automates network scanning by allowing the admin to schedule network scans. Once scheduled, the advanced port scanner periodically scans the switches to discover new ports and report port state changes. Thus it automates the monotonous network scanning task.

Advanced Port Scan - ManageEngine OpUtils

Role-based access management.

Multiple users with access to port scanning and monitoring can be created. OpUtils' advance port scanner provides administrator and operator roles for users. These users can be managed by the IT administrator.

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Getting started with OpUtils Advanced port scanner tool

OpUtils offers features like switch port management, IP address tracker, network scanner,  and 30+ network tools such as IP tools ,along with advanced port scanner tool. These help you to effectively monitor, scan, track, and troubleshoot your network environment.

If you are new to OpUtils, schedule a live demo with a product expert. We would be pleased to uncover all the advanced port scanner and switch port management features OpUtils has to offer, as well as answer your questions. Take a feature tour and explore how you can eliminate hassles of port scanning and IP address management with OpUtils.

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