Failed to Add a Device in Cisco Tools


You get an error as "Not a Cisco Device" when attempting to add a device in the Cisco Tools and Config File Manager tool.


When you add a device in Cisco Tools or Config File Manager, the following checks are performed:

  1. Whether the device respond to SNMP queries for the given community string.
  2. Whether the device is a Cisco Device. This will be checked by retrieving the sysObjectID of the device through SNMP and check whether the enterprise OID number pertains to Cisco. For example, consider the sysObjectID:

    In the above sysObjectID, 9 refers to Cisco. If this is other than Cisco, you will not be able to add the device in any of the tools under the Cisco Tools category or to the Config File Manager tool. These tools are specifically meant for Cisco Devices.

More Information

You can check whether the device is a Cisco Device by following the steps below:

  1. Open a command prompt and change directory to <OpUtils_Install_Dir>/AdventNet/ME/OpUtils/bin directory.
  2. Execute the following command:

    scl snmpget -v v1 -c <community> <device name/IP> .

    <communiy> refers to the SNMP Read Community of the device and
    <device name/IP> refers to the DNS Name or the IP Address of the device.
  3. Check the result:

    Response received. Values:
    . .

If you get the enterprise number as 9 and if you still get an error as 'Not a Cisco Device', contact with the logs.

Applies to: Cisco Config File Manager, Cisco Device Explorer - Device Snapshot, Chassis, Flash, IOS, IP Routes, Device Monitor, Interfaces, Access Lists

Keywords: Cisco Devices, Cisco Tools, Cisco Device Monitor, Router Monitor, Upload Config, Download Config, Router Config, Backup Config

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