Why are Microsoft DHCP scope or leased IP details not displayed after the DHCP server scan, and how can you fix it?

OpUtils manages Microsoft DHCP servers using Active Directory(AD) credentials and scans your DHCP servers using Microsoft's native API. This requires administrator credentials, so that it can fetch and display details such as DHCP scope and leased IPs. If there are insufficient privileges or credentials for DHCP server queries, Microsoft DHCP scope or leased IP details may not be displayed.

Possible reasons:

IPAM needs interactive log-on rights to be enabled in OpUtils server and DHCP server for displaying DHCP details.

  1. If OpUtils & DHCP Server is present in the same AD Domain
  2. The specified AD/WMI user credentials used to log into OpUtils and DHCP server must belong to these groups:

    • DHCP Administrators
    • Local Administrators
    • Logon on rights to OpUtils & DHCP Server
  3. If the DHCP server is in another AD domain, please follow the steps mentioned below
  • Create a local account on the OpUtils server for DHCP polling.
  • This local account must have the same username and password as the account on the DHCP server.
  • Create a windows credential with the same username (do not include the domain) and password.
  • Use these credentials for polling your DHCP server.
  • If the DHCP scan fails to provide you with scope details, please click on the IP Address Manager tab, and scan the Microsoft DHCP server again.

IPAM impersonates the specified account on the local computer to get access. If OpUtils is not in the same windows domain as the DHCP server, the IPAM computer must have an identical account and password.


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