Insufficient Privileges for WMI Queries


You have added your Active Directory domains in OpUtils and you see "Insufficient Privileges" in the remarks column.


When you add a domain in OpUtils, it fetches the details of the computer objects in the Active Directory from the Domain Controller. If the credential specified while adding the domain do not have administrative privileges you get this message. Without admin privileges, you will not be able to see the following information of the computers in IP Address Manager:

  • Computer Manufacturer Details
  • Processor Name
  • Visible Memory - RAM
  • Operating System
  • Serial Number
  • OS Info
  • OS CD Key
  • Hard Disk Size

For getting the above iformation using WMI, it requires that you specify a credential that has administrative privileges on that domain.


Specify a credential with Administrative Privileges

  1. Select Admin --> Active Directory
  2. Click the modify icon from the actions column of the domian that shows this error
  3. Specify the username and password of the domain user that has administrative privileges and click Save.

Applies to: IP Address Manager

Keywords: Active Directory, Windows AD, Domain Controller, WMI Query, Insufficient Privilege

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