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The IP tools allowed us to recompile our Master IP list in a matter of minutes rather than wasting the time of 2 employees for a full day. In the first hour of it’s use we were able to recover the cost of the software.

IT Admin, The Automaster Motor Co.

Track IP addresses across multiple supernets and subnets

ManageEngine OpUtils' IP address tracker is capable of tracking all your IP addresses in real time. This comprehensive IP address tracker helps you remove the hurdles in subnet management by aiding you to add, manage, and track IPv4 and IPv6 subnets with ease.

Enabling route aggregation in your network? With OpUtils' IP address tracker, you can simplify this task by adding and monitoring supernets and their associated subnets from a centralized console. To further simplify the IP tracking task, the hierarchical Tree View in OpUtils' IP Address Manager allows you to group and track different subnets and supernets as needed. Along with this, the Donut View enables you to track your IPs based on their networking aspects such as DNS status and NIC Type.

Inspect comprehensive IP utilization details with a hassle-free IP address tracking solution

An important requirement for tracking IP addresses is to understand how and by who an IP is being used. This helps in various networking tasks such as capacity planning and enhancing network security.

OpUtils offers you in-depth IP address tracking by scanning your IP address space using different network protocols, including ICMP and SNMP. This enables you to track crucial IP details such as IP utilization status, associated MAC address, device type, forward and reverse lookup status, and connected switch port details.

OpUtils also displays an IP snapshot that contains details on the IP's location, interface ID, system description, and more. Along with this real-time data, you can track historical IP usage and analyze the utilization trends with the IP History feature and the various IP Address Manager reports available.

Resolve IP conflicts with instant alerts and IP tools

While relying on spreadsheets and CLI commands for IP address tracking, detecting serious issues such as IP conflicts is impossible unless reported by the end user. An IP conflict can easily cascade into costly network downtime if not acted upon at the right time. This requires a reliable IP address tracker tool to be deployed in the network to stay ahead of IP conflicts. The real-time IP monitoring capability of OpUtils' IP address tracker helps you stay ahead of such issues by enabling proactive IP address conflict detection. By continually tracking your IP address space, it can easily detect and alert users on duplicate IP addresses in the network.

Using the conflict details displayed by the IP conflict alert messages and the built-in IP tools, you can easily resolve IP conflicts before they cause a critical network issue. Also, with the IP address tracker you can dig deep into details such as the connected devices, their switch ports, the other devices connected to the port, and so on. Thus the IP tracking software along with the IP tools offered by OpUtils, helps you easily carry out day-to-day IP related tasks from a centralized console.

All these IP address tracking capabilities together enable:

IP Tracking Tool - ManageEngine OpUtils

An easier approach to manage network IPs

IP Tracking Software - ManageEngine OpUtils

Conflict-free IP address space

Real-Time IP Address Tracker - ManageEngine OpUtils

Reduced troubleshooting time

More on OpUtils’ IP address management features

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