Mapping of ports and MAC addresses does not work for Cisco switches configured with SNMP v3 


In Switch Port Mapper, we rely on the SNMP protocol to retrieve port and MAC address details. However, when CISCO switches are configured with SNMP v3, it's important to note that we may encounter limitations in obtaining port and MAC address information through standard SNMP queries. This limitation arises from the fact that SNMP v3 in Cisco switches does not support these queries unless the vlan-match prefix command is enabled for SNMP-server.


If Cisco switches are added using SNMP v3 credentials, and the MAC address details are not displayed in the switch port mapper, please follow the steps below to get this issue resolved:

Execute the following command to modify the Cisco switch configuration.

snmp-server group 'yourgroupname' v3 'priv' context vlan- match prefix read 'viewname'

(This command line creates multiple context names for all its VLAN IDs.)

  1. 'yourgroupname' should be the name of the group that has been created for SNMP v3 users.
  2. 'auth' or 'priv' should be used based on the security level that has been configured.
  3. (If the user has enabled "Authentication Method" it should be 'auth', and if the user has enabled "Encryption Method" it should be ' priv'.)

  4. If 'viewname' has been created, it can be added; otherwise, it is not necessary.
  5. Please make sure that the configuration is saved after executing the command.
  6. After saving the configuration, go to Switch Port Mapper and scan the switches to get this issue resolved.

Solution for build below 128000:

After executing the previously mentioned command (used for modifying the Cisco switch configuration), please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Create new file under OpManager/conf directory
  2. Add entry into file like switch name=vlan (Ex: Replace the appropriate switch name that is under question.
  3. Stop the OpManager service.
  4. Rename the logs folder located under OpManager/ directory and create a new folder as logs under OpManager/ directory.
  5. Start the OpManager service.
  6. Go to Switch Port Mapper and scan the switches to get this issue resolved.

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