Device not responding to SNMP Queries


You get an error as "No response to SNMP queries" when:

  • Adding a Switch in the Switch Port Mapper tool
  • Adding a Router in Switch port Mapper or Rogue Detection tools
  • Adding a Cisco Router/switch in the Config File Manager tool
  • Adding interfaces to the Bandwidth Monitor tool


You may encounter this problem, due to any one of the following reasons:

  1. When SNMP is not enabled in the device
  2. When the given SNMP Community string is incorrect
  3. Due to access restrictions

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Check whether the device has SNMP access

  1. Check whether the device model supports SNMP management - you need to check in the device manual or with the vendor's website
  2. If it supports SNMP, check whether SNMP has been enabled. For example, in Cisco Devices, the command to enable SNMP through CLI (telnet) is:
    Router (config)# snmp-server community Read_Only_Community_Name ro
    Router (config)# snmp-server community Read_Write_Community_Name rw

    Then save the changes:

    Router#write memory

Check whether the given SNMP Community is Correct

  1. The SNMP community string is case sensitive - check for correctness
  2. If you are not sure what the community is, check with your administrator. Most devices have the default community as "public".
  3. If you have telnet access to the device, you can check the community by using the show run command from the enable mode(for cisco devices) and checking for strings beginning with "snmp-server community".

Check the Access Lists

The devices can be configured to accept SNMP queries only from specific IP Addresses. Check and ensure that the computer where OpUtils is installed is not restricted.

Applies to: Switch Port Mapper, Rogue Detection, Cisco Config File Manager, IP Address Manager, Bandwidth Monitor

Keywords: SNMP, SNMP Community, Router Community, Switch Community, Running Config, Startup Config

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