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Free SharePoint Health Monitor - FAQs

1. Unable to connect to the server?

Please check host server is running properly and check if the host server is behind firewall. If the server is behind firewall and check port 445 and 135 is accessible and if not accessible, then open the port by configuring the firewall.

2. I have downloaded the tool but it is not running. What should I do?

Please check Dot Net platform is installed in your system. Run the utility available in the bin directory, DotNetUtilities.exe , It will tell you the Dot Net version. If Dot Net platform is not available in the system, download the platform. Please see the software requirements page for downloading the platform.

3. What is the use of CPU/Memory Thresholds in the Settings screen?

In Host server, If at all, CPU utilized or Memory used value exceeds the configured threshold values, the tool will then show the alert on the Dashboard to intimate status.

4. SharePoint Health Monitoring Tool shows snapshot value as "NA". What is "NA"?

The values of SharePoint Snapshot are "NA", if the SharePoint Server Environment is not installed in the connected host server. So connect to host where SharePoint Server is installed.

5. Why SharePoint Site Resonse Time is "zero"?

The SharePoint Site Response time value "Zero" represents, the site is down or the specified site is not available during the site request.