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Free Windows Health Monitor - FAQ

1. I'm unable to connect to the server? What should I do?

(a) Check whether the host server is connected to the network
(b) Check whether the host server is up and running
(c) Check if the host server is behind firewall. If yes, then check whether port 445 and 135 are accessible. If not accessible, then open the port by configuring the firewall.
(d) In extreme cases, check whether the system resources are over utilized and could not respond to polling from the tool.

2. I have downloaded the tool but it is not running. What should I do?

This problem can be due to either one of the below reasons.

(a) Microsoft .Net Framework not installed in your system.
(b) A lower version of Microsoft .Net Framework installed in your system. The tool requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 for running. The bin directory of the tool is provided with a utility ‘DotNetUtilities.exe’. Run this utility from the command prompt to find the .Net version installed in your system.

You can download and install Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 from here

3. While adding a new device, I get the error message, “Error in fetching the data”. What should I do?

This problem might be due to issues in WMI services running in the remote machine. Restarting the remote machine’s WMI service might fix the issue. To restart the WMI service, from your remote machine go to Start/run, type services.msc and press Enter. In the services window find Windows Management Instrumentation service and restart it.

4. I am getting a start-up error message, “The program can't start because msvcr100.dll is missing from your computer”. What should I do?

The Error occurs when .Net Framework version is below 4.0. Please install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package (x86) and run the Free Windows Health Monitor.
You can download and install  Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package (x86) from here

5.While connecting to a remote device, I get the error message, “Error Code: - 2147024891 (Access is Denied)”. What should I do?

From your remote device, Goto Run, type dcomcnfg and hit enter. Double click on Console Root --> Component Services --> Computers --> My Computer. Right click and click on properties. Select Default Properties tab in the pop-up window and check 'Enable Distributed Computer on this computer'. Try connecting to the remote server again after enabling this setting.

Note: Refer the user guide for detailed instruction on the same.

6.While connecting to a remote device, I get the error message, “Error Code: - 2147023174 (The RPC server is unavailable)”. What should I do?

This error occurs when the remote device is behind the firewall and RPC Port 135 is closed. Open the port by configuring the firewall and reconnect the device.