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Free Windows Service Monitor - FAQ

1. Unable to connect to the host server?

Please check host server is running properly and check host server is behind firewall and also port 443 is accessible. If the server is behind firewall and if not accessible, then open the port by configuring firewall.

2. I have downloaded the tool but it is not running. What should i do?

Please check Dot Net Platform is installed in your system. Run the utility available in the bin directory, DotNetUtilities.exe, It will tell you the Dot Net version. If Dot Net platform is not available in the system, download the platform. Please see the software requirements page for downloading the platform.

3. Can I Monitor 1 server alone?

Tool monitors 3 server simultaneously. Yes, 1 server alone can be monitored also.

4.I cannot start or stop few services in the Windows server. What should I do ?

Some Windows services depend on other services to start or stop. So the tool displays the dependent services and tries to stop or start these services. However any of these services is dependent on some other services, the tool displays a message showing that these services needs to be started or stopped, before trying to start or stop the main services.

5. When I stop service, tool stops the service but after while the same service is started again. What is the reason?

Windows operating system will not allow some services to stop . Hence it automatically restarts those services.

6. Can I monitor more than 3 servers simultaneously?

To monitor more servers simultaneously please visit https://www.manageengine.com/network-monitoringor send mail to