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Backup and restoration of all Active Directory objects. Restore entire objects or just specific attributes.

Active Directory Computer Backup and Recovery

In an Active Directory (AD) environment, users authenticate themselves through computers in a domain. When these computer accounts are deleted from the AD, they are automatically deleted from the domain as well. Then, users can no more log on to the network through these computers. ​To allow users to access domain resources, these deleted computer accounts must be restored and joined to the domain. Active Directory's native backup and recovery tool do not automatically rejoin the deleted computers; IT admins will need to perform this tedious and time-consuming task.

In such situations, what an IT organization needs is a robust tool that automates such laborious and time-consuming tasks. RecoveryManager Plus is an Active Directory backup and recovery solution that backs up all AD objects, Including users, computers, and groups and allows them to be restored quickly and efficiently. ManageEngine also offers ADManager Plus, for management and reporting on critical AD objects such as users, groups, computers, GPO and more, besides backup and restoration.

Highlights of RecoveryManager Plus

Here are some features of RecoveryManager Plus that make it an efficient tool to back up and restore computers in AD.

  • Restore Deleted Computers: Restore deleted computers to their last known state or to any of their previous ​versions. Attributes of a computer like its operating system, its location, machine role, and many others are restored to any of their past values.
  • Auto Rejoin Computers to Domain: Restore the last set password of deleted computers. The deleted computers automatically re-join the domain immediately after their recovery.
  • BitLocker Backup and Recovery: RecoveryManager Plus allows backup and restoration of BitLocker recovery keys. This helps authorized personnel decrypt the data from the drives.
  • Restore ​TPM Owner Information: Using RecoveryManager Plus, you can back up the hashed TPM password of the physical computers whose values are stored in the mTPM-OwnerInformation attribute of computer objects. This vital piece of information allows administrators to remotely configure the TPM security hardware on local computers and decommission or repurpose them without physically handling the computers.
  • Change Management: All changes made to each computer object are stored as differential backups. This allows you to reverse any attribute level change.
  • Version Management and Comparison: Each change made to a computer object is stored as a different version in the backup. During restoration, RecoveryManager Plus gives you the option of different versions and selecting the version of the object that holds the required attribute values that you wish to revert to.
  • Restart Free Recovery: When using RecoveryManager Plus, you do not have to restart your domain controllers when you recover or restore computers from Windows 2008, or 2012 servers. This ensures continuous availability of all domain controllers across the domain.

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