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Quite often, Active Directory data is modified accidentally. Therefore, tracking such changes is an essential part of ​change management. However, tracking each change across your vast AD environment can be daunting. Sometimes, you may have to track the changes made during a specific period of time or within a specific organizational ​unit (OU). To tackle such a situation, system administrators need a robust change management tool.

RecoveryManager Plus is one such web-based change management tool that will help you take complete control over AD changes. This tool provides several search filters that will provide relevant and accurate search results. The advanced search options of this tool allow you to restrict the search to an organizational unit, an object type, a specific time travel, and much more.

Available search filters:

  • Organizational unit (OU) - Choose a particular OU or group of OUs within which a search must be performed.
  • Object type - Search for changes made to an object type, ​ such as all user objects.
  • Object name - Search for modified objects based on the object name.
    • Instant suggestion - Instantly get a list of suggestions as you type the object name in the search bar.
    • Wildcard search - You can also perform a pattern-based search on the object name. For instance, when you are not sure whether the name is Dwayne or Dwyane, just type Dw%ne to shortlist the probable objects.
  • Time interval - Search for changes made to Active Directory objects at a certain time.
  • Backup - From the list of available backups, choose one or more backup(s) to limit your object search.

RecoveryManager Plus doubles as an Active Directory search tool that empowers administrators to track changes made ​to a specific set of Active Directory objects. The tool, with its simple and easy to use GUI and comprehensive search options, can easily give administrators a well-deserved break from writing complex LDAP queries. RecoveryManager Plus is no doubt an effortless ​alternative to native Active Directory query tools.

Explore attribute values of AD objects at different times and restore to any value.

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