Bolster cloud security with a cloud access security broker (CASB), a powerful integration with Log360.

Control access to cloud applications, monitor the use of shadow IT, and gain insights into users and applications accessing the cloud.

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Log360, a unified SIEM solution, has integrated CASB capabilities to solve security problems in the cloud

Do you access the cloud nonstop for business continuity? If so, monitoring cloud security continuously is crucial. Regulating access to sensitive data in the cloud, tracking the use of sanctioned and unsanctioned applications, and detecting the use of shadow IT applications in your infrastructure will help you prevent internal and external attacks targeting the cloud. Because your organization's cloud perimeter extends beyond the traditional network perimeter, enforcing stringent policies to secure sensitive data as well as gaining actionable insights into users and applications in your network will strengthen your organization's security arsenal.


The 4 pillars of a CASB incorporated into Log360


1A CASB for enhanced visibility into cloud events

Log360's CASB integration offers in-depth analytics about the users and applications in your network. You can gain insights into top users and applications based on the request count, users attempting to access unsanctioned applications, and the list of shadow applications used. Log360, with its integrated CASB, performs deep packet inspection to analyze file contents and steer clear of malicious snippets being uploaded to the cloud.

2A CASB for facilitating identity monitoring in the cloud

Regulating access controls in the cloud is crucial to ensure data security. Log360, integrated with a CASB, helps you track who accessed what, when, and from where. You will obtain insights into users based on the applications they accessed and the requests they made. If a user keeps attempting to access a banned application in your network, you will be notified via SMS and email. Accurate timestamps of events with all the digital user footprints left behind will give you transparency in monitoring users.


3A CASB for compliance management in the cloud

Adhering to IT regulations is a laborious task when your network is comprised of heterogeneous log sources, including cloud platforms, applications, and infrastructures. Log360 tracks cloud events and generates audit-ready reports to ensure compliance with various IT regulations, including the , GDPR , HIPAA , and NIST.

4A CASB for threat protection in the cloud

Log360, integrated with CASB capabilities, monitors data at rest and in transit. The solution performs deep packet inspection to detect ransomware and malware files uploaded to the cloud and raises alerts in real time to notify you of threats. Log360 detects communication with established threat actors, such as blacklisted domains, IPs, and URLs, and raises the risk scores associated with the malicious entities. It also recommends strategic remediation methods to combat them.


Why Log360's CASB integration is
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